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    China flu

    This is the sad truth.
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    There are no kak bikes....

    Hope Kalahari Ferrari gets a good word in for Taye, she deserves a factory ride.
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    China flu

    I just got a 6-pack. Do you need a photo as proof? How much did I win???
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    1st Corona Case in SA in KZN

    CiP. Dec 2019, ordered some stuffs from china. $2000US per unit, factory door. Delayed end Jan 2020. Released for shipping early march 2020. Supplier can give us a few more, was a cancelled order. Now $8000 US. Each. Daphuq!!! Apparently, all equipment in china now kept for their domestic market...
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    Tool "Peg" board

    I have something like this in stainless steel polished pegboard and profiled aluminium frame. Pegboard has mirror finish, so you can see your bike while fetching spanners. Was designed for store display and dick Client never took it. It's in storage, will be dusty. Could possibly be modded for...
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    Who's staying, who's leaving + who's left?

    The short of it all, if their company does not break-even on 30th June 2020, they are sinking it and importing all their stuff from china. They had Gauteng Dept of Health there, yesterday avvie. Will have a huge impact on employment, 24/6 production facility. Sidebar, the Staff have NFi, but the...
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    Who's staying, who's leaving + who's left?

    Fixed, for truth. Will post a piece, a bit later. Just came out of a howler meeting at a huge Client in medical industry... Going to be interesting.... Thank the fuckers, unions and apathy. That simple.
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    How do you decoke?

    CDO. Shaggless will want it alphabetised :icon_mrgreen:
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    Who Else Boats/Waterskis/Fish From Boat in Jhb

    Flag Boshielo Dam, between Marble Hall & Grobbies. Rhenosterkop Dam, out Moloto way, PTA Noord / Oos Ebenaeser Dam, Tzaneen. One out near Middleburg, forget the name. NOT Witbank Dam. None of the local waters around JHB, Harties or Dronkwordspruit, is worth the trip. Vuil Rivier is full of...
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    New track!!!

    TF quadbikes are history. Boertjie, hang in there, get it fixed. Sterkte bud.
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    Calling all members

    norrafok. I grew up and left the crumbs for others :icon_mrgreen:
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    Is it a bird is it a plane

    Lekka Maak! Happy kilos bud.
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    Off road bike licenses

    1. not all on interwebs is factual. 2. Go to Lic Dept, let them check on NaTIS that they are actually off-roaders. 3. Request re-issue of RC1, about R240 per bike. #3 may not be necessary, if you can convince them that bikes were not supposed to be "licenced" and that RC1 was just a title...
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    Dashcam, any bargains out there?

    Stop punting a no-bullshit forum :icon_twisted: Looking to get a used one, thanks bud.
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    2014 Husaberg 300 for sale

    At least it didn't errr uhm... swim *hushed voice....