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    Your TPI current hours?

    ask @Bush Wacker about that experience
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    Andalucia Rally Spain 2020

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    Sea to Sky

    they looked fresh still
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    Roof of Africa - Silver Feedabck

    if you dont try you will never know , take your 1st roof no matter what class (unless you a young or the likes) as a learning curve and plan from there ..... Tmans silver is my gold ,,,,, etc etc etc
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    Technical riding in Potchefstroom

    some few small stones
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    Sea to Sky

    hey u closer than us FFS
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    Bike for my daughter. Any recommendations?

    Just remember that the 230' are not light. other than that they are brilliant bikes for what you are looking for
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    Show off

    Nope not that old ........ (of course i do )
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    Show off

    is that the ark in the background ?
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    Roof of Africa 2020

    based on 100mile trail run ......... This I consider just putting the idea of the event out of my mind and moving on. is a very clever idea. Infact why it was ever in your mind makes NO sense to me whatsoever.
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    Bowtech Diamond Infinite edge

    are you the dude shooting the monkeys ??
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    Your TPI current hours?

    well ??? Ok i will ask it this way How often do you guys change spark plugs ????
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    Your TPI current hours?

    i dont own a TPI so cant read the manual BUT Why would you change the plug so much ?
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    Boot strap

    I have my doubts that it will be easier to find the strap at titans than buying a new set .....
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    2016 ktm 300 xc-w GONE

    Doesn’t the hour meter reset after every filter change ?