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    2020 SX Season

    Signed up
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    Who’s keen for a Moto 101 social ride?

    Might just join on big bike, to unfit to try a social like this
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    The Dirtbike Kitchen Series:

    Awesome content as well, watched Finke: There and back, and as fast as those Aussies are, they remind me plenty of Rednecks
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    Credit where Credit is due!!!!!@Tman21

    With equally amazing suspension?
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    Level 4 - Riding Verdict

    What a lekker ride, really great bunch of folks:cool: Still keen to join on another one PS @DenDirtbiker nice to see someone else that has a bike that is much loved by being dropped etc like mine:ROFLMAO:
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    2020 SX Season

    Dammit forgot that we back racing.....didnt do any picks for the race
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    What are your plans during lockdown?

    Still think the numbers are only so low because they are so backlogged with test results and cannot test enough, dont think its a true reflection at the moment.
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    Covid-19 - Isolation

    Looks like we in the same situation
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    1st Corona Case in SA in KZN

    See the KTM factory is closing as well for a bit due to Corona amid possible supply chain delivery issues due to parts that are manufactured in Italy and as a precaution
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    KTM / Husqvarna TPI Power Kit

    Imagine you had to enter all races with a completely stock bike, barring springs for weight or jetting bike correctly, same pro's would still win, but could make things interesting?
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    Not nice to wake up to this

    The majority get through, I picked up from a insurance sale a bike that had been recovered from that border post, stripped like these Gs' es, the bike I bought had at least been treated decently.
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    Show us your DS or ADV bike

    Tman21 what is your initial impression of the Multistrada, also been a dream machine for me
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    Overheating Rear Brakes

    Water in brake fluid as well perhaps?
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    BMW commuters do not say thankyou

    Mark800XC think he has GS1200