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    Yamaha porn

    I had the 2016 model, really great bikes and the suspension is just... Wow. The only let down was the terrible throttle response at low rpm. No matter how I mapped it couldn't get away from the jerky reaction, had to ride it on the clutch a lot in slow, technical terrain. Awesome bike for...
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    Building the Ultimate Extreme Enduro Bike

    That would work very well. My wife had both and loved the suspension and size of the 150 but preferred the tractorbility (yes, I made up a new word) of the 230 and the happy button. That 150 was a bitch to kick when hot.
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    Adventure/ DS bikes who has or is getting one

    I'm not sure if a 690 qualifies as an Adventure bike. It's under 150kg's after all.
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    The Dirtbike Kitchen Series:

    Yussus, some okes have got it sorted :32:
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    The Dirtbike Kitchen Series:

    I've never wanted to re-build a 2T as much as I do now. That track looks like Nirvana, imagine being able to rip that every day :32:
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    MY19 Journey, Still ticking over

    Not even good lighting is going to help here :33:
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    Hey @Buff

    LOL... love it :icon_lol::thumbs up:
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    Guess who's been a good boy?

    I like your style Bull, even the mtb is blue :icon_e_biggrin: :thumbs up:
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    After taking a friends advice and fitting a pair of ProGrip Rally Grips to my 690 for the Tankwa Rally, I'm totally sold on them. I combined them with Palm Savers and after 3 days of racing had zero blisters. I now have them on my other bikes as well. The foam grips look like they won't be...
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    Dunlop Geomax (extremely soft)

    It wasn't a KTM :icon_e_biggrin:
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    Dunlop Geomax (extremely soft)

    I don't see what that has to do with the conversation, unless you mean that the Beta simply has too much power and spins up :booty:
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    Dunlop Geomax (extremely soft)

    This tire is pretty amazing, did a ride recently where I just could not get up a specific climb with my Pirrelli mid/soft on (with tubeliss), took 3 attempts at it and kept on spinning or looping out. Mate gave me his bike to try it on with this gummy Dunlop on and a soft mousse and I rode it...
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    Saw this today.

    Twice as much shit to go wrong :icon_e_surprised:
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    As Seen on Wilddogs - BETA 250RR

    and dating her bokkie :icon_e_biggrin:
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    As Seen on Wilddogs - BETA 250RR

    Yep, like Kirsten Landman :icon_e_wink: