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    Is there any way to watch old Super Enduro...

    .. with English commentary?
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    Enduro or Hard Enduro Podcasts?

    Podcasts are def an on thing these days. So, are there any podcasts covering the WESS, hard enduro or enduro Gp out there? In English. :) I've searched but surprisingly all I found was Seat Time in the US which mainly cover TKO. Was hoping a European or South African podcast to concentrate more...
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    Hell's Gate 2018

    I know Mario took the win followed by Grimbo but I've seen very little coverage on it since Red Bull TV isn't covering the race. Hell's Gate is one of my favorite extreme races along with Romaniacs but did they change format? I'm used to the 8 hour day qualifiers with special tests then top 30...
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    Question about navigation (Romaniacs, Sea to Sky, the Roof)

    Gotcha. Thanks. I've seen the blue ribbons in Romaniacs but I swear I've never seen marking in the Roof dvds other than painted rocks. Red Bull TV should do a segment on navigating these tracks. Would be informative.
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    2018 Hard Enduro discussion

    Thanks, guys. Cool to actually have someone know where NC is. Yeah, legendary racing commentator Ralph Sheheen is from Mooresville! Yeah, I've been going to enduro 21 for years. No forum but still cool. One thing I miss in hard enduro that we have in mx/sx is podcasts. Are there any out...
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    Question about navigation (Romaniacs, Sea to Sky, the Roof)

    So I know all 3 use GPS routing but in addition to GPS the tracks are marked as well correct? I've only watched these events on my massive hard enduro DVD collection, Red Bull TV and other sources. So it's a bit confusing. I know these don't do a follow the tape marking. Is it periodic flags on...
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    World Enduro Super Series (WESS) 2018

    I appreciate finally having a legit series and I understand the all around skill that the different races will take including hard enduro, classic enduro, cross country and more but if I was running a hard enduro series it would be The Tough One, Hell's Gate, Erzberg, Romaniacs, XL Lagares...
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    2018 Hard Enduro discussion

    I'm also from a MX background where people post every second on Vital. I'm not expecting that but I am hoping to find a home to discuss hard enduro. So, I'll prob start some topics discussing things, asking questions, etc. I hope at some point to race the Hobby class at Red Bull Romaniacs but...
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    2018 Hard Enduro discussion

    Thanks, guys. Let me clarify just a bit. I became a hard enduro fan thru watching the amazing Throttle Entertainment dvds that used to be released between say 2005-2013. I've since became friends with Throttle's founder, Jeff Pakosta. Great guy and great talent. My first DVD was Return to...
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    2018 Hard Enduro discussion

    Hey everyone. I'm a huge hard enduro fan all the way from NC in the USA. I just stumbled onto this forum searching for active hard enduro discussion. This was about the only forum I found. But not much discussion on the current hard enduro season in the extreme category. Are there discussions...