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    Pre-Mix - get it right

    Just something to think about, there a lot of opinion s regarding pre mix oil fuel ratio. With the new tpi we dont have the option the ecu decides the oil ratio depending on throttle position rpm and the ratio will varies from 100to1 to 60to1 and yet the bike are still reliable. My point is as...
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    Rusting Helmets

    I think if you read the small print helmets are supposed to be replaced after 4 or 5 years whether its taken a knock or I guess thats probably why the buckle are not made from better material.
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    Time for a change ......

    Nice, Congrats!
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    TPI ripping on MX track

    Good suspension doesnt make you faster it makes you safer.... my suspension has saved my ass a few times but I'm not any faster than I was with std... invest in suspension
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    Anyone riding near Elysium, South Coast, this weekend?

    I can hook you up...probably going to be a wet weekend
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    Overheating Rear Brakes

    Use dot 5 brake fluid , must have free play and make sure the brake pads have there heat shield plates fitted. Some pads dont come with them fitted and they need to be taken off the originals many people dont realize the importance and just put them in without the heat shields. Most of the heat...
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    2019 KTM 250 xcf-w for sale only done 24hrs, R75000

    Finance can be arranged
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    2019 KTM 250 xcf-w for sale only done 24hrs, R75000

    Im selling my sons 2019 ktm 250 xcf-w, its only done 24 hours still new. R75000 Includes SX silencer radiator braces Radiator fan rear disc protector/shark fin Tekmo carbon front disc guard Tekmo Ignition cover guard, Ktm billet clutch cover
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    Swingarm tab protection

    Ktm power part it's around R1000, most ktm dealers stock them
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    Who's staying, who's leaving + who's left?

    I have a different perceptive, I work in Africa and what I have learned is the worse things get, the more opportunity for the skilled especially trades.
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    2 Stroke Header Repair

    Its just seals on the faces with a flat rubber, it has a sleeve inside and the fittings/bolt are threaded so you just tighten the fitting and it pushes the sleeve and rubber seal up against the face of the flange. I use a piece of conveyor belt for the seal.
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    2 Stroke Header Repair

    For the older pipes you don’t need a jig its only for the 2020 model pipes, its not the corrugation that’s a problem, the pipe now has flat/square parts and the neck is oval if so when you use the hydro blower it changes the shape to round and this completely changing the shape of the pipe so...
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    2 Stroke Header Repair

    Thank you
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    2 Stroke Header Repair

    The clamps actually pull it into place but if its way out i just us a pipe that fits inside the ends and lever it into position... its easy to manipulate the pipe especial if its clamped at the brackets