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    Mini Toors' petrol pony

    Dis vrek nice. My laaitie se naam is ook Ruben, kan hy maar erf? Nou 5.
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    Did you forget?

    Sjoe maar hulle is k@k
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    2020 SX Season

    Wie wen?
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    Refurbs -

    Lice work Oz. Aren't you in Australia yet?
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    2009 Honda CRF230

    Now that would be interesting.
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    Shipping containers to Aus

    Can own a handgun in Oz, but gets kept at club. Can own long gun, can keep at home AFAIK. No semi-autos. Its been debated to death on the gun forums, not worth it to take them with except in very rare very high value cases. Sell here, buy there.
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    Selling a business

    This sounds just a bit impulsive OZ.
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    My 2019 Journey

    First option for when you sell please.
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    MY19 Journey, Still ticking over

    You paid someone money for that?
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    GXCC#6 Carletonville

    Post some infos man.
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    YZ250X range with standard tank?

    Between this fuel consumption thread and Oz's poked motor there is surely no future in 2T.
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    2020 gasgas

    It is fat and heavy
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    Russel Cambell?

    Russel is impressed
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    Just a yes or a no?

    Where what how why