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    Bought a new bike

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    Beta spares?

    "As some of you may have noticed Cayenne Sport has closed their doors. They were previously bringing in BETA bikes and spares, which will no longer happen. Motosports is now working with KS Enduro Beta KZN who previously supplied the majority of BETA spares nationally. Motosports has now taken...
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    Beta spares?

    +1 for Russel Campbel. He is importing regularly. Like them on facebook. They gooi a message everytime before they put in a new import order.
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    Hi I'm Juan, But my friends call me JJJ

    And, what did this forum convince you to do? Self service or dealer?
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    used Tubliss system

    Nevermind cheap.. its actually shit cool. And Works.
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    Dog Walking - What do you do?

    Dude, get on a mountain bike... and take a 15km ride... Just fine for an average capable dog. My dachshund can do 10-15kms... so your brak can easily do more. They love it, they get to run, and you get less fat (not much, but eh every bit helps)...
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    Bjorn to ride? Welcome
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    Choices choices

    It's not hard at all. Just get a new 2t ... ?
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    2012 300's Husaberg or KTM

    Aren't the Husabergs also a linkage instead of PDS ? Not sure about the 2012's?
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    And it is here........

    Yeah me too! :baby:
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    And it is here........

    DT_Mania Pom17 .. don;t make me come gooi 'n burnout with my 1994 KLR to settle this....
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    Alta motors ceases operating.

    No you won't... they are already banning e-mountain bikes from bike parks/trails in america. Apparently it "endangers" the other people there. It seems the moment some horsepower starts causing "fun", then it is immedietly deemed bad. I predict e-dirtbikes will have exactly the same riding...
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    Middag almal

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    Terrible music, yes. But someone actually spent time on the production. Normally its more of a willy nilly home made affair :icon_lol:
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    Lols. And not a bad production at all!