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    Kawasaki KLR 650 1984

    There is a guy in Walkerville that specialises in KLR`s. his nickname is Doc KLR, I think its Graham or something like that. @Lands should be able to give you his details.
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    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

    you can add a zero to the end of that hehe
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    2017 CRF125 for sale

    they have a lady friend selling a sweet KX85 as well
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    2017 CRF125 for sale

    2017 Honda CRF125 for sale. stock standard electric start side stand serviced every 10 hours it was a young girls bike and she is upgrading to bigger bike. good overall condition complete with hand guards. contact seller (Kempton park) - Shelley 082-481-1458 or Pikkie on 083-442-4215 Asking...
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    Check Out TTR110 oustide Scottburgh

    Toors you wont fit on this one, Ruben will love it though.
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    RockGarden Closing

    SAD DAY indeed. before you close, any complete top end kits for a 2009 ec300 ? if so cost, please
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    2009 Honda CRF230

    My wife races in the GXCC on a 230. as an experiment, she did a lap on my 350 to see if she would like to upgrade. turns out she was 13 min faster on the 230 than the 350 and likes the 230 more. change the gearing (1 tooth up in front) open the airbox snorkel, jet 1 size bigger on main, remove...
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    I’ve been a good boy...

    As opposed to a Gay YZ250?
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    Garage Cleanout

    how much for the complete side stand in the middle of the pic ?
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    Nitex is back ?

    agreed had a jol too, I had way too many cooler box beers, but that's why I dragged my non-drinking wife with.
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    GXCC sold again

    So due to his commitments at KTM as head of marketing, Lourence has sold the GXCC to "Black Iron Racing" for the 2020 season. Apparently it is a hand over year with some involvement from Lourence. anyone ever dealt with the new owners? keen to get some insight as to any changes they see coming...
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    Front shock leaking. Who to take it to?

    do it yourself. easy job
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    Latest Out Ride - Grutte - Nigel

    nope, we avoid the train tracks wherever possible. I normally ride from my house in boksburg to heidelburg, then on to Grutte then on to Chimes and back to my place. lekka little 130kms loop. - - - Updated - - - which section wasa this at ???
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    Speed of the Pro's. Just Crazy

    that was impressive
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    GXCC#8 Zorgfliet

    rained last year on this event and it was spectacular racing