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  • Hello
    I just wanted to write you a private message, but It said that you have recieved to much private messages and you should delete some before I can text you again.
    maybe you could give me. quick e-mail on: schagerl1996@gmail.com

    Greetings from Austria :thumbs up:
    Howzit bud,

    Yebo, we can build you something nice and light. Basic dbl bike trailer with spare wheel and nose cone you wont even feel. If you have the budget throw in a jerry can holder and rubber axle for a plush ride!! Drop me your e mail address and I will send you all the details with video links of a nice walk around to show you exactly what they look like.


    Howsit Oz, Eben here, I hear you the guy to chat to for a trailer? Gonna be buying soon so I figure best to support someone with a reputation right? Anyway I need something I can pull with 1600 i20. So guessing 500kg max so say 2 bikes at 200kg plus 300ks for the trailer should be good? What can you recommend? Also do you do tow bars bud? Thanks!
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