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    Pit stop Schurveberg

    And you cant go to the beach because you will get COVID-19 . Yeah right.
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    Pit stop Schurveberg

    I'll come visit with my daughters again.
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    Madalas Mnweni Village 28 Nov

    Down again.
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    Roof of Africa 2020

    Why use the word postponed? Its cancelled.
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    Madalas Clarens

    N3 also constant roadworks from Heidelberg to pretty much Mooi River. So just get in the single lane and go.
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    Andalucia Rally Spain 2020

    Sort of like Roof Of Africa 2016 with Snakebite.
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    Show off

    That is the "III II III" these modern numerals were only used much later.
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    *WANTED* - Bicycle

    Right now there is still a shortage of bikes, shops cant get new stock and second hand ones are going for premiums. Buy a bike with a tapered steerer and upgrade it later.
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    Madalas Clarens

    I'm old, and I'm in. Taking my two daughters (11/13) on their first ever event, should be fun.
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    Your TPI current hours?

    The 2020 TPi is back to the old original plug as used in the 12-16 Carb models. Cheap R40 one.
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    EWXC after lockdown

    So who is riding the first EWXC after lockdown this weekend? Think a lot of people will be keen to ride a bit, should be fun.
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    Kawasaki KLR 650 1984

    Speak to Gix in Centurion. The carb is the same one thats on a Harley Sportster. Harley parts are cheaper than Kawasaki
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    Harties, Magaliesburg, Breedtsnek, DeWildt

    I see you went up the girls route on the Rock. Nice one boys.
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    What cheap bikes are available to buy?

    Sorry I had COVID-19 I think my bike is sold already, sorry.
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    Your TPI current hours?

    Hello Zlata ! My 2020 has 48 hours on it, almost 20 from a little ride I did in December in Lesotho. One issue, the seals on the power valve cover, replaced by KTM as a warranty claim.