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    Carnival / Brakpan Mine Dump Area

    you should buy a KTM, even a older 2008+ 300 XC-W will feel miles better than the old KDX.
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    Garmim Etrex 20/30 wanted.

    get a 10 bud, the mono LCD works perfect in direct sunlight and battery lasts 2 to 3 times longer...
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    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

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    1st Corona Case in SA in KZN

    Ask the Chinese they seem to be very good at making new deadly viruses.
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    1st Corona Case in SA in KZN

    My understanding is that Corona is a big problem because of how easily it is transmitted, so basically it is super infectious. That's how it differs from normal flu etc.
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    WFO 2 slayer

    Isn't the Slayer part of the NESS?
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    TPI ripping on MX track

    Just found this quite interesting, seeing as we have so many talks/arguments regarding suspension/setup/upgrade etc. post I saw read: "This guy is super quick on standard Xplor48 suspension, JUST LEARN TO RIDE YOUR BIKE!!!" Also just as a side note: I ride with the guy that won the Roof 2019...
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    Online Shops

    Ace is very good, I bought a new Helmet from them earlier this year. pricing is good service is excellent and they ship very quickly. I got my helmet in 12 hour to Bloem.:thumbs up: speak to Luke if possible
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    Who's staying, who's leaving + who's left?

    1 Million jobs gone in the last 2 years, average salary of R10k x 1 000 000 = R 10 000 000 000 (or 10 billion Rand) per month that has gone out of circulation, I don't know about you but to me that's quite a big number in the grand scheme of things...
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    1st Corona Case in SA in KZN

    They died of flu because they had HIV/AIDS. Corona is going to have a ball here HIV patients will be a complete walkover.
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    Where to buy Mousses? This will probably be his cheapest and best option.
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    N10Z suspension

    so what exactly is the difference between this at R4500 and the R10 000 job?
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    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

    I agree bud, he had a few very good points going and had a lot of people backing him me included(even a broken clock is right twice a day), but he just pushed it too far and not through the right avenues he just sounds like a disgruntled crazy old man now, irrespective of whether he is right or...
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    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

    Steve Wyndham approached the matter way wrong, he might have had a few good moments but he has totally discredited himself, EN NOU IS SY KAK GEBOEK if you ask me.
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    2017 KTM fender & Number plate

    So did you find it?