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    Compressing your forks while transporting

    When you transport a bike using Tie Downs it obviously compress's the fork for a period of time - can this really cause any damage? - Surely NOT- when riding your forks probably go up and down a few thousands times so why will compressing the fork while transporting the bike cause any damage.
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    Romaniacs 2020

    Any one here been keeping an eye on the entry - 103 total entries , That is bad very bad. At least all the Top Gold riders are there. I wonder how its possible to run an event of that magnitude with only 103 entries. This covid-19 has really messed things up. :cry:
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    Roof of Africa - Silver Feedabck

    A few things concern me with this roof. 1. The borders are still not open and to be honest no one knows exactly what the requirement will be to cross in and out of neighboring country,s. This apparently will be communicated by the SA Minister by the 1st October. There is no way some...
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    2021 Gas Gas -

    Has anyone seen the 2021 Gas Gas range, they are definitely good looking bikes, Yes they are 100% KTM but they still look good and best is they will sell for less. 7k cheaper (not sure why) on a 300 TPI.
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    Level 4 - Riding Verdict

    Great news that Motorsport is "opening" again. But have to agree there are so many rules you have to get passed who knows if it will happen. Its like giving a dog a bone and then taking it away: 1. No more than 50 can gather (So how will this work 25 riders and 25 mechanics) 2. Cannot cross...
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    2016 ktm 300 xc-w GONE

    Do you have to sell the old 300 in order to buy the new one ? If not hang onto the old bike and keep it advertised, the key is not to be desperate, It will eventually sell. I had my wife's 2013 350 Freeride for sale, dealers offered 18-20K on the bike, they all said we will never get more than...
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    New Hard Enduro Championship?

    Lets hope these chaps can sit around a table and come to a decision for a proper hard / Extreme enduro series. The whole issue now is that there are no rules or regulations so one race could be easy and the next can be a killer, One can be 4 hrs long , the other 8 hrs , they need to have rules...
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    1st Off Road National 2020

    I Call BS I suppose you believe in father X Mas as well. Seriously , if any one believes that then I just dont know, never won a national before but you win the race you set- its laughable.
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    1st Off Road National 2020

    So the 1st National Off road has come and gone. I am puzzled by the results. The Organizer, found the route, marked the route and then RACED in his own event and then miraculously ended up WINNING the race. :icon_rolleyes: What are your thoughts on this? Then MSA and there commission wonder...
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    Roof of Africa 2019

    Did anyone see the TV coverage of the Roof on channel 189- I would like to hear comments, All i know is what i saw is a total disgrace.
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    RockGarden Closing

    Dont you think closing the business now is premature? Why not hang in a bit as surely they will need GG dealers, you are already set up so could fill that gap. Look at the positive, you will be able to supply parts to all the KTM and Husky riders.
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    Off road bike licenses

    I talk from experience: 1. Go in and pay the outstanding fees (there is no other way you have to pay them) This will also give you 1 year to sort out the issues. 2. Ask them for a printout of all the vehicles on your dads name 3. Select the 2 Motorcycles and ask or apply for copies of the green...
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    Roof of Africa 2019

    Im sure you know the Roof was part of the Red Bull series which has now changed or adapted into WESS. The Red Bull series was an unofficial series but the riders still scored points to make one of them the King Of Extreme Enduro (I think it was called KOE) It was an unofficial thing but showed...
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    Roof of Africa 2019

    Its so funny to read how people think now that now the organizers have been changed the international riders will come running back. The Roof must have really been in bad hands all these years that they managed to attract virtually every single top rider in the world. From Malcolm Smith, Cyril...
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    Roof of Africa 2019

    You have to take your hat off to Kirsten, that Gold was tough and long but she managed to finish. Well done. Does anyone know who won the KTM 300 they had as a raffle.