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    Fox Instinct Boots- Sold

    Brand new, never been used UK Size 10 Contact: Warren Tel: zero 79 four 96 9601 Price: R5500.00 not neg Boots sold
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    2019 Sherco, now with KYB suspension

    Should make BULL happy......
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    How did you get into riding?

    Always loved bikes, but in 94 or 95, while I was still in school a mate of mine got himself a copy of Terrafirma 2 and I more than anything wanted a dirt bike, particularly the factory Honda Jeremy McGrath and the way he rode. Well MX jumps scare the living daylights out of me, so could never...
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    Advice on Alarm- Paradox wireless any good?

    Just after 12am this morning the missus heard a noise in the garden and when opening the blinds to see was greeted by an affirmative shopper on the other side of the window, luckily they fled after checking, seems they cut the electric fence and gained access that way, security was already in...
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    Gas Gas Rebuild

    So I started with a 2011 EC300R that had seen its fair share of hard riding and due to the engine needing to be rebuilt, I decided to build the bike from the ground up again and get it looking the way I wanted: When I got it: The Silencer was dinged to pieces, rims scratched, plastics...
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    2007 YZ250 For Sale R25000.00 Neg

    2007 YZ 250 for Sale, weighted flywheel, long range tank, Hyde swingarm and exhaust guards, New Stickers and good tyres all round. Based in Rynfield Benoni Area R25 000.00 Negotiable Contact Philip 083 679 0381
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    Removing excess powder coating?

    Howzit guys, Am trying to fit an engine and swingarm back into a frame that's been powder coated. problem is, coating seems to make it difficult to get the engine and swingarm back into place. Is there a way to remove the coating in certain area's without causing it to peel an flake off later...
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    TCX Pro 2.1 Boots, where in JHB?

    Any input from anyone as to where the best place is to find them? Have been looking online and just need to find a shop that has them so I can go look at them? I would also appreciate other input, are they boots that stand up to punishment and generally long lasting?