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    Business owners on Moto101

    Profin Financial Solutions - we're an independent financial planning practice in PE - established 1998.
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    Husqvarna/KTM Fan - for 2017 FE250

    Shot bud, will try GBR. Also hoping someone has a 2nd hand one lying around... Cheers
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    Husqvarna/KTM Fan - for 2017 FE250

    Hi all, Looking for the above if anyone has one lying around that they’re happy to part with👍🏻. Shot!! Craig
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    2019 Romaniacs

    Great update:thumbs up: I wonder what someone would actually use to spread fake news on someone:33:? A butter knife? :icon_lol:
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    Impi Hard Enduro 27-29 June

    Pom17 how did it go? Also, does anyone have news on Calvin Hume's injury? From what I've seen on social media it is fairly serious..?
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    Sat or Sun riding?

    Early Sunday morning rides for me - and those are only twice a month (better than nothing) as my wife works shifts as a nurse.
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    KTMjedi bring them with to the club tonight - I'll have a look. We can always ask for a warranty claim from Leatt should we need to.
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    Erzbergrodeo 2019

    Obviously Travis Teasdale and apparently Lloyd Kirk as well.
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    Erzbergrodeo 2019

    Kyle Flanagan and Matthew Green as well...not sure who else?
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    Price of Maxima Castor 927

    PM sent. Cheers
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    KTM PE - Bike Theft (22 April 2019)

    Hi all, Just a "heads-up" - this happened last night. Any help would be appreciated. Please spread the news far and wide. Cheers Good Morning all. please pass this message onto your members throughout SA. 5 bikes were stolen last night from KTM in PE. If anyone is being offered a bike please...
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    Year In Review 2018 | Honda CR500 KTM 690 Enduro Gas Gas 280 KTM 300 XCW

    Howzit! Happy new year to you too:thumbs up: Really enjoy your channel - they’ve been pretty helpful to me. Cheers!
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    YZ250FX Enduro Bike

    I have, and it isn’t too bad - two days maximum for the dealer to receive them. Here my experience was different with the KTM - parts were generally in stock at the dealer:thumbs up: . Not sure if this experience is dealer specific though?
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    YZ250FX Enduro Bike

    It was a 2017 6 Days. Tough to say why I prefer it tbh. KYB vs WP makes no real difference to me:icon_e_biggrin: I like the power delivery of the FX as well as the mapping changes that can be made with the power tuner. For some reason I am just far more confident and comfortable on the...
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    YZ250FX Enduro Bike

    Great bikes, in my opinion. I had a KTM 250f and now ride the 250fx. The FX does everything the KTM did. I am your average weekend warrior and I am happier on the FX. YMMV:thumbs up:
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    Kids can be ruthless!

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    Kids can be ruthless!

    My son's story printed in his school magazine:icon_redface: He is 7 and now grounded for all the abuse I am copping!:icon_e_biggrin:
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    Rekluse core exp 3.0 for sale. Ktm/husky 125-200

    Bump - VERY negotiable on price:icon_e_wink:
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    So who is buying new bikes?

    NUMSCH mid 70s and a 2017 250 EXC-F 6 days:icon_eek:
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    So who is buying new bikes?

    Reviving an old thread - but what the heck... I have just done the same. Sold an almost new bike to free up cash to buy my son's bike. With the left over change I bought myself 2015 YZ250FX. I am loving the Yamaha to be honest....