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    Wat maak julle manne nou sonder dop ?

    Eish - thats harsh - at least we can get dop - either in store or home deliveries. Had to pay AUD20 for this !!!!!
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    Bunch of retrobates

    Hello you bunch of retrobates. Just checking in to see if a KTM 300 with tubliss is still the go in Saffa land.
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    Hello you bunch of reprobates !

    G'day you bunch of exhaust pipe sucking throttle jockeys. Just popped in to say Hi after a lengthy hiatus. Too busy riding our magnificent State Forests to be typing forum posts. Hope everyone is still on 2 wheels and e-skirt has died a slow and painful death. Still have the DirtSure riding...
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    Wassup Biatches

    Just dropped in to say Hi from down under. MiniMonster just started to riding with the old man. Happy days.
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    Guard or brace

    HI All, it is time to change the old EVS braces and i started wondering about the brace vs. guard debate for a weekend warrior. I've always ridden with braces and wondered if guards would be sufficient? Braces are bulky and $$$$$$ . Any good experiences with guards. I just wondered if there...
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    Illegal gathering

    The bastard things keep on multiplying. Austrians !
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    Leatt neck brace

    What are they going for in zaf? GPX 5.5 ? GPX Trail ? Here they go for $450 and $350 respectively. Leatt body armour will go for about $270.
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    2015 300 EXC - mapping plug

    The marketing blurb mentions 'adjustable ignition curve' but the manual doesn't mention the plug. do the have that ? do i have to go and 'explore' to find it?
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    Fat Boy Spring on a KTM

    Quick question. Will the fatboy spring in my 2009 250 EXC work in my 2015 300 EXC ? I dont see why not but I'm not a KTM suspension expert ?
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    The eagle has landed

    She has landed at the dealer - now to get her home ;-)
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    Atlas neck braces

    Anyone on here use one of them ? Are they good ?
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    Landing in my garage soon! Can't wait.
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    De-Tune a KTM 250 EXC

    Hey all, What would be the best way to de-tune a KTM 250 EXC ( 2009 ) model. I'm thinking of green spring etc. Reason - I want to give the bike to my son and get myself a new bike. He is almost 16 and 1.7m tall. What else can be done ?
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    300 2-stroke of 450 4-stroke

    yes i know it is "pick your poison" the time to pick a new scoot has arrived. Has anyone owned both and what were the pros and cons of each? i love my 250 2 stroke but the terrain we ride in most guys have 4 strokes for the engine breaking. it is up and down hill every minute. if you have...
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    Reprobate Central

    AHHHHHHHHHH This is where all the reprobates are hiding !!! G'day from down under.