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  1. Kronos

    Garmin SA online hacked

    Garmin is the victim of a data breach, and is warning customers in South Africa that shopped on the portal that their personal info and payment data were exposed. Garmin indicated the breached shopping portal was using the Magento ecommerce platform. What personal info was...
  2. Kronos

    Looking for Bark Busters

    Good Day Peeps Im looking for barkbusters that will fit a KDX 200 I would love to buy new ones just dont have the cash at the moment Thanks
  3. Kronos

    GXCC anyone

  4. Kronos


    SO who of the moto101 crazies are doing this years event? who is doing it for the first time?
  5. Kronos

    changing Bolts and Nuts on 2 stoke engine

    Hey Guys, so my gasgas is getting a top end done and I noticed that alot of the nuts and bolts are showing signs of corrosion from water, does anyone know if using black high tensile nuts and bolts is bad thing for 2 stroke motors? had some people tell me its a bad idea, but im no expert :cool2:
  6. Kronos

    how to tell if your moussee is tired

    Hey Chaps, long time no chat I put in a 2nd hand front moussee on the gasgas a while back after my tubliss failed. When I put it in it was nice and tight but after 3 rides, the front tyre just looks very flat, not sure if it normal cause it s a moussee and im used to the tubliss, or I just...
  7. Kronos

    OKay who is riding where tomorrow 24th Feb 2018

    so as it says I finally got a chance to ride first time in a month who is riding where ? I know TS and them are doing Dewildt but I didnt have chance to finalize plans before TS deadline
  8. Kronos

    cheapest tracker for double cab

    Hey guys, anyone got suggestions for trackers, my insurance says that any vehicle over 200K has to have a tracker any suggestions Thanks in advance
  9. Kronos

    Xbox One R2500 with 1 controller

    no games, existing account has fifa15 loaded contact Me on 079 516 0815
  10. Kronos

    Doctors, do you trust them

    Hey Guys, so as many of you know I was selling my gasser cause I was told by 3 different quacks that it was causeing major health issues for me so to give you some insight: I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis in both shoulders about 2 years ago, had major pains and trouble doing anthing that...
  11. Kronos

    2011 GasGas 300 EC for sale R25000.00

    as the title says, has rad braces, rad fan, tubeliss on the front moose on the rear, linkage was just serviced, Pipe has been blown out I have a spare shifter and exhaust cage thats included in the price contact me via whatsapp 079 5160815
  12. Kronos

    MXR180, CR80, YZ80 for sale R10K each R25K for the lot

    Hey Guys my son has stopped riding so im selling his bike it still looks brand new Puzey MXR 180 with electric start, tyres still in good condition, bike running Whatsapp or call me 0795160815 Honda CR80 - think its a 2002 model just collecting Dust needs a seat cover...
  13. Kronos

    This year has left its mark

    What a kak year, - business has been terrible, - doctors have no clue only managed to get proper diagnosis after like 5 different specialists - Bike prices are stupid crazy. Then just when you think you can finally get back to riding again you have to have gall bladder surgery, Then you back...
  14. Kronos

    Looking for YZ 80 2nd Gear, Pinion and wheel gears

    Hey Guys looking for gearbox spares for my 1997 yz80 2nd gear is toast and dont have money to order from the stealer Im looking for the pinion and wheel gear for 2nd if anyone can help my son would be greatful Thanks
  15. Kronos

    Bikers hijacking bikers

    Check this out just some interesting news but in reading the article it was interesting and all till I saw the one photo and I had a good chuckle Check the socks and crocks
  16. Kronos

    Who can do Weighted flywheels

    Hey Guys as the title says I have a cr80 that my kids use for enduro but the downlow power is a struggle, anyone know who can do a weighted flywheel for me Either that or I change the front and rear sprocket Thanks
  17. Kronos

    My New Ride :-) KDX has been sold

    she isnt brand new but she is new for me :-) and I DONT WANT TO HEAR CHIRPS ABOUT THE STICKERS you clowns know who you are :-)
  18. Kronos

    KDX Foot Pegs

    Hey Guys, so 4ways motorcycles has confirmed no stock of left foot peg pin and spring in the gauteng area, anyone possibly have one lying about I lost mine at Maraisburg and the net EWXC is coming up or if anyone knows of a mod to fit other bikes parts on it im all ears Thanks
  19. Kronos

    Just a little stuck at WW

    mate of mine sent me these today from Wild West