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    Husqvarna/KTM Fan - for 2017 FE250

    Hi all, Looking for the above if anyone has one lying around that they’re happy to part with👍🏻. Shot!! Craig
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    KTM PE - Bike Theft (22 April 2019)

    Hi all, Just a "heads-up" - this happened last night. Any help would be appreciated. Please spread the news far and wide. Cheers Good Morning all. please pass this message onto your members throughout SA. 5 bikes were stolen last night from KTM in PE. If anyone is being offered a bike please...
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    Kids can be ruthless!

    My son's story printed in his school magazine:icon_redface: He is 7 and now grounded for all the abuse I am copping!:icon_e_biggrin:
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    Rekluse core exp 3.0 for sale. Ktm/husky 125-200

    Hi all, Core EXP 3.0 for sale. Max 15 hours old - bought new. Selling because I sold my bike. I am negotiable on the price. I'm looking for R3500. Cell: o 8 three 3 7 six 8ol0
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    Fan Kit : 2015 YZ250FX

    Hi all, Anybody have a fan kit that they're looking to sell? Cheers Craig
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    MME Clutch Lever

    Hi Guys, Pretty keen on one of these:thumbs up: Is there anyone less keen on theirs that they would consider parting with? On a related note, how much of a mission is it to bring one in from the States, assuming none are available here? Cheers PS current bike: 2017 250 EXC-F 6 Days
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    First Race Advice: Rover Winterberg National Enduro

    Howzit all, I'm riding the WOW class on Saturday - as the title suggests, this will be my first race of any kind. Any tips, pointers, do's and don'ts based on your first race experiences (both pre and during the event) would be appreciated. My fitness is the best it has ever been, which is a...
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    MSR gear

    Howzit folks, Does anyone know who stocks MSR jerseys/pants in SA? Cheers!
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    200 to 250 exc-f. Should I?

    Howzit guys (and Monique😉), I currently own a 2015 200 and I am considering going 4T in the form of a 2017 250 exc-f 6 Days. A little about me, I bant(😂) so I weigh in at 75kgs. Unfortunately Banting has also made me shrink to a decidedly average height of 1.76m😉. I am 42 and I like long walks...
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    Ideas for a Transkei tour

    Howzit guys, A group of us (all of whom missed M2P registration:icon_mad:) are thinking of making a trip to the Transkei instead. I have been tasked with coming up with some ideas - clearly they're all idiots asking me, as I don't have the first idea:icon_redface: Any advice in terms of...
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    KTM Speedo - 2015 200 XCW

    Howzit all, My speedo is poked:icon_cry: . I'm not too keen on forking out +/-R3800 for a new OEM speedo so I turn to you all in hope of finding a working used speedo that may be lying around in a garage somewhere:thumbs up: . Please let me know if you have one to sell or know of one lying...
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    Y'all know this already...

    Howzit guys, Probably a bit corny but I just wanted to congratulate you all on an incredible forum - there is a huge amount of useful(sometimes:)) info available, I spend WAY more time than I should trawling the various posts devouring everything I can find that may help me become a little more...
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    Rekluse LH rear brake kit

    Howdy all, Looking for the above. Anybody have one or know of one that may be available secondhand? Shot!
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    CRF50F Wanted or DR-Z70

    Howdy all, Looking for one of these for my son: R8k - R11k budget - late'ish model if at all possible but I see bikes from 2008 - 2011 in this price range. Based in PE so would prefer to buy locally in order to view (once bitten...:icon_cry:). Will consider out of town purchases if transport...
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    Newbie from PE

    Hi all, My name is Craig, a 41 year old father of two, and I live in PE. Coming back to bikes after a long lay-off and I ride a 2015 Sherco 300 SE-R. Try and ride most weekends and mainly stick to Rover(bush) and Bridgemead. Slowly, slowly catch the monkey in terms of gaining skills and...