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    2016 arguably the worst year ever.

    Just learnt that one of our mates here deliberately OD'd on Morphine on the 5th. They found him yesterday with a suicide letter. That's the 6th person I know who committed suicide THIS YEAR. :icon_e_confused: A South African mate here, and a local guy I worked with hanged themselves on new...
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    VOLVO TD70G Parts?

    Howzit chops? Anyone know of a supplier of Volvo parts in SA? We have a genset from a flower farm which hasn't been serviced for well over 5 years. injectors and pump have been rebuilt, but we're looking for pistons, rings, main bearings, gasket kits, etc. Cheers!
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    Mariner 90 outboard help needed

    Howdy howdy A shot in the dark. We've got a Mariner 90 outboard engine at the workshop that doesn't start after the owners kids fucked around with the wiring, some of which, are now burnt. Rumour has it that they only switched ion the bilge-pump, after which nothing worked. Some wires are...
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    From Ugarnitopia

    Howzit. I managed to spell my username wrong twice while registering.