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  1. Kronos

    2012 BMW GS800 "Black Edition" For Sale R85k

    Jeans and Takkies hey, All the gear all the time Jeans offer no protection at all, boots saved my foot
  2. Kronos

    Garmin SA online hacked

    Garmin is the victim of a data breach, and is warning customers in South Africa that shopped on the portal that their personal info and payment data were exposed. Garmin indicated the breached shopping portal was using the Magento ecommerce platform. What personal info was...
  3. Kronos

    Matat to pont 2019

    Good Luck guys have a great ride and be safe, very miff I didnt make this one
  4. Kronos

    Looking for Bark Busters

    BlankieMan, bud that would be awesome and greatly appreciated
  5. Kronos

    Looking for Bark Busters

    cool ill send you a PM
  6. Kronos

    Looking for Bark Busters

    NUMSCH thanks mate that would be awesome, Let me know what you want for them and I can make a plan to collect
  7. Kronos

    Looking for Bark Busters

    Naughty Ian, thanks man that would be awesome, sorry only getting back to your guys now, hectic week Im happy to fetch aswell
  8. Kronos

    Looking for Bark Busters

    Dankie TMAN21 ek sal dit wardeer
  9. Kronos

    Looking for Bark Busters

    Thanks NUMSCH that will be awesome
  10. Kronos

    Looking for Bark Busters

    Good Day Peeps Im looking for barkbusters that will fit a KDX 200 I would love to buy new ones just dont have the cash at the moment Thanks
  11. Kronos

    Im taking the leap

    hope it works for you OZ, my GasGas had 1st gen tubliss on the front, was great and never had issues, riding Dewildt on a regular basis was an issue with thorns, even with slime, after 3 rides of 90km on a flat front wheel I went back to mousses I really liked the feel of the tubliss even with...
  12. Kronos

    Bike License

    NUMSCH - Alot has changed with road signs and road markings, was the only issue I had every 2 years with my learners, I can suggest get the latest k53 book and hammer on the rules of the road and road signs -Did my license at Marlboro testing station and they plugged me twice every time saying...
  13. Kronos

    TMAN21 - Waat die fok

    hahahaha I was just curious cause of the location on the hemorrhage, if you were wearing I going to be interested to see what they look like
  14. Kronos

    TMAN21 - Waat die fok

    Tman21 speedy recovery bud, that looks yummy, looked like my knee just missing some car paint :-) elbow guards? do you wear them ?
  15. Kronos

    Moto101 Gauteng Social Ride - 7 September 2019: Heidelberg

    if someone is able to do red loop at WW without the koppie will the mild be manageable, my son manages a red loop and wants to come with on his KDX so just checking or ill take him on some chill climbs
  16. Kronos

    Poked my motor!!! Again!

    Tman21 i see the trusty can of Q20 is never far :-)
  17. Kronos

    Moto101 Gauteng Social Ride - 7 September 2019: Heidelberg

    Mild: Adam Mitch Gman aka chimney Kronos Peri Peri: NUMSCH TheBob J37 [Kak Praater] - Fire Starter: Mark250
  18. Kronos

    Bike for a 7 year old

    All 3 my kids learnt on a DS80 and outgrew it in 2 weeks, Thankfully it was a borrowed bike, they all started learning at about the same age, ended up buying a yz80 a cr80 and a 125 pitbike, the YZ and the CR worked till they were 13 and they moved to icehockey, I tried a couple of fourstrokes...
  19. Kronos

    GXCC anyone

    StuartC as Russel Peters would say - - Its Mind Blasting !!! :icon_lol:
  20. Kronos

    De wildt funduro 2019 !

    when my mind gets in that race mode I just wanna go faster and faster but my body is like a teenager that just has no interest in taking part :-)