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  1. Boertjie

    KTM Plastics

    Anyone got some KTM 08',09' XCW 250/450 plastics?
  2. Boertjie

    New track!!!

    Morning All: I'm in the process of opening a new track soon. Not gonna give to much detail at this stage. It will be an Off-road track, with a bit of tech sections in it. Location: In the Centurion surroundings. Got the month of March to finalize everything. Distance: Not sure yet, but recon +-...
  3. Boertjie

    Save the date

    I'm having my 50th party @Fokkers Bush Pub on 29th September. Open party to all that want to attend. There will be DJ, pap/sous/fires, just bring own meat, Cash bar. You can also have a outride from there to Scherweberg from 11:00. Party starts @15:00- till we fall.
  4. Boertjie

    I are back

    Good news....I got myself a bike....bad news....You gonna see more of me.
  5. Boertjie

    MAICO Old vs New

    How nice is this!!! Still a Honda CR480 and a Husky CR500 that needs to be put together.
  6. Boertjie

    Wanted: 3 bike trailer

    If anyone selling 3 bike trailer, please let me know. Oz maybe you can help.
  7. Boertjie

    Look what we picking up today

    I've send this link to a mate of later today we picking it up!! ... 0000900909
  8. Boertjie

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Q

    Anyone knows what the best app is for off road (GPS), something that will take you only on dirt roads if you select a destination. Can one use it with blueteeth? Is there a mount (pouch) that one can use on a DS bike?
  9. Boertjie

    WANTED: 150 Scooter

    If anyone knows of a 150cc scooter for sale, please let me know.
  10. Boertjie

    What's happening in the sky's

    Lots of activity lately in the sky's over Centurion, anyone knows what's up? Also driving around today there is a cop car parked on every overpass.
  11. Boertjie

    Ride Report

    @Mark.. Think we need a section for Ride Reports. Where the guys rode, some pics, just something that would be a good read for the members.
  12. Boertjie

    Move to Dualie

    I'm off the plastic for a while, waiting for my foot to recover 100%. Now decided to get on a DS. If anyone out there knows of a nice 990 fore sale, please let me know.
  13. Boertjie

    Howzit my Chinas

    Howzit all, gr8 to be here. Let's make this one a good one.