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  1. Toris

    Motocross gear suppliers

    Hi Guys / Girls I'm looking for contact details of major suppliers / importers of moto gear, basically the guys that supply the bike shops. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.
  2. Toris

    The weekends ride

    Hi guys heres a video i made of our ride this weekend,chimes to grutte! It was a wet and muddy affair
  3. Toris

    Custom mx jersey

    Hi guys where in jhb can i get custom mx jerseys printed?
  4. Toris

    Alberton - Vaal outride

    Anyone doing the Alberton - spidervalley ride on sunday 11th of feb?
  5. Toris

    2014 ktm 300 xcw doesnt like water

    So this past weekend i went through a river,(not even that deep, the water barely came up to the footpegs) and my bike just died halfway through. I didnt go fast so there wasnt alot of water splashing up,opened up the airbox and there was a few drops of water behind the filter,duno how that got...
  6. Toris

    Ktm 300 question

    Hi guys so im thinking of getting a ktm 300, since i rode a friend of mines ktm my cr250 feels terrible haha. What i want to know is whats the difference between a six days model and just a normal 300xcw? Also im probably going to be looking at a 2014 model as i dont have a huge budget,what...
  7. Toris

    Chimes-Grutte saterday 28 oct

    Hi guys we are riding chimes-grutte again this weekend,we have some slow oke's and some oke's that think they're fast lol so it will be a chilled ride. If anyone is keen to join we are meeting at the hotel at around 8am.
  8. Toris

    Chimes-grutte Saterday 21 Oct

    Hi guys/girls A few of us are riding chimes-grutte pub on saterday if anyone is keen to join,meet at chimes hotel 8am
  9. Toris

    New guy

    Hi guys/Girls My name is Tertius ,everyone calls me toris, i'm from alberton and i ride a honda cr250.:icon_lol: I've been riding on and off since i can remember,i mostly do outrides, sometimes track but i've got a fear of heights so jumping isn't really for me haha. as for other hobbies,i...