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  1. StefanKTM

    TPI ripping on MX track

    Just found this quite interesting, seeing as we have so many talks/arguments regarding suspension/setup/upgrade etc. post I saw read: "This guy is super quick on standard Xplor48 suspension, JUST LEARN TO RIDE YOUR BIKE!!!" Also just as a side note: I ride with the guy that won the Roof 2019...
  2. StefanKTM

    2017 KTM fender & Number plate

    Hi Guys I'm looking for a front fender and number plate for my 2017 KTM 300 XC-W, lost the front end on an off-camber at madalas last weekend. If anyone has a decent second hand one lying around or any other decent secondhand plastics please let me know...
  3. StefanKTM

    Where do you buy tyres?

    So I REALLY don't want this thread to become yet another unending argument about what the best tyre/moose/tubless combo is (or everything sucks I ride with tubes)... So Where do you buy your tyres and what do you pay?(If you get them in some dodgy way just give us a price) Lets start with the...
  4. StefanKTM

    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

    So looks like this is going to be a big thing lets give it a place right here!
  5. StefanKTM

    Enduro gp 2020

    Ok so I decided to start following this series for 2020 a bit, it seems like a very fun but slightly outdated way of doing a world championship with the same problem as the WESS series, you might as well call it the European Championship GP. Earlier this year we had the Enduro21 article about...
  6. StefanKTM

    OUR very own WESS series.....

    Thoughts anyone???
  7. StefanKTM

    2020 Races, Dates & Venues

    Thanks for the feedback, here is the finished calendar. Piesangkloof EWXC date updated/ PDF also updated ALL EVENTS HAVE BEEN PERSONALLY CONFIRMED WITH ORGANIZERS Also as a side note, you guys will probably see the calendar in the January issue of Dirt&Trail Magazine:thumbs up::thumbs up::thumbs...
  8. StefanKTM

    Battle Valleys 2019

    Any reason that no one is talking about this event???
  9. StefanKTM

    Garmin Etrex Wanted please.

    Anyone selling a Etrex. Need to get one for the Qualifier.:icon_rolleyes: Not super picky, would prefer a 20 or 30 but will also look at a 10.:thumbs up:
  10. StefanKTM

    2 x 2008 KTM 300 xc-w

    So its time to sell 2 of the 300's Reason for selling: Baby on the way, bought a 2014 XC-W and wife says I can only ride one at a time. Attached are photos of everything I have. I want R32 000 for the orange one. and want R26 000 for the White one. ORANGE BIKE: Was my primary bike 245 Hours...
  11. StefanKTM

    Brand new boots for sale.

    A set of Fly Maverik boots, did one ride with then realised they are way too small. Size 9 Asking R1500. Sent from my Redmi 4X using Tapatalk
  12. StefanKTM

    Mountain Madalas Clarens 2019 Any of you guys going to be there?
  13. StefanKTM

    Hi I'm Stefan

    Hi I'm Stefan Brits From Bloemfontein(We have Lesotho pretty close:thumbs up:) I Have a couple of bikes should be in the Signature I mostly ride the KTM 300 xcw & the BMW R1200 GS so the wife can join in the fun. I mostly ride the rocks (stoot en sukkel), been riding for a good 22 odd years...