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  1. Buff

    Tankwa XC Rally 2018

    4 hours beyond the confines of our Cape Town city limits lies a dry & barren landscape littered with shale rock and koppies called the Tankwa Karoo. It’s a nirvana for adventure seekers and home to the now famous Africa Burn and it lures adventure riders to explore its wondrous tracks that snake...
  2. Buff

    Yamaha parts price drop... some good news

    Received some great news from Droomers Yamaha (in the Cape) that we can expect to see Yamaha parts dropping significantly from the end of the month, by up to 40% on some goodies. About time we got some good news in this country :thumbs up:
  3. Buff

    Ride report of the 3 day Tankwa X Country Race

    For those keen to do a bit of reading about something other than banting, I posted a RR on that other biking site... Check it out and plan a visit to the Cape next October, it's one kickass event and it's going to grow very quickly RR of the Tankwa XC Challenge - Buff's version
  4. Buff

    Anyone pulled a trailer with dirtbikes up Sani before?

    Planning on going up to spectate at the Roof later in the year and thinking of going the long way around and up Sani Pass before it's tarred entirely but I'll have my trailer with 2 bikes behind me. Is it possible without causing damage to the trailer / and bikes? Driving a D4D 4x4 and it's a...
  5. Buff

    Handlebar bags for Enduro rides

    Spotted this on the Wilddogs site and thought some of you hardcore enduro okes might be interested in these. I know my mates were searching high and low for a decent bag before the Roof last year. I'm in no way affiliated to this product btw, just posting out of interest. Login "Hi there...
  6. Buff

    Buff's intro

    Howzit guys, I'm based in CT, ride mostly Offroads in master class on a Beta 300rr. Do quite a lot of adventure riding as well. Recently acquired a new KTM 690 after flogging off my Super Tenere. Currently recovering from a broken femur after missing a dune crest at Atlantis. Spend a lot of...