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  1. StefanKTM

    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

  2. StefanKTM

    1st Corona Case in SA in KZN

    Ask the Chinese they seem to be very good at making new deadly viruses.
  3. StefanKTM

    1st Corona Case in SA in KZN

    My understanding is that Corona is a big problem because of how easily it is transmitted, so basically it is super infectious. That's how it differs from normal flu etc.
  4. StefanKTM

    WFO 2 slayer

    Isn't the Slayer part of the NESS?
  5. StefanKTM

    TPI ripping on MX track

    Just found this quite interesting, seeing as we have so many talks/arguments regarding suspension/setup/upgrade etc. post I saw read: "This guy is super quick on standard Xplor48 suspension, JUST LEARN TO RIDE YOUR BIKE!!!" Also just as a side note: I ride with the guy that won the Roof 2019...
  6. StefanKTM

    Online Shops

    Ace is very good, I bought a new Helmet from them earlier this year. pricing is good service is excellent and they ship very quickly. I got my helmet in 12 hour to Bloem.:thumbs up: speak to Luke if possible
  7. StefanKTM

    Who's staying, who's leaving + who's left?

    1 Million jobs gone in the last 2 years, average salary of R10k x 1 000 000 = R 10 000 000 000 (or 10 billion Rand) per month that has gone out of circulation, I don't know about you but to me that's quite a big number in the grand scheme of things...
  8. StefanKTM

    1st Corona Case in SA in KZN

    They died of flu because they had HIV/AIDS. Corona is going to have a ball here HIV patients will be a complete walkover.
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    Where to buy Mousses? This will probably be his cheapest and best option.
  10. StefanKTM

    N10Z suspension

    so what exactly is the difference between this at R4500 and the R10 000 job?
  11. StefanKTM

    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

    I agree bud, he had a few very good points going and had a lot of people backing him me included(even a broken clock is right twice a day), but he just pushed it too far and not through the right avenues he just sounds like a disgruntled crazy old man now, irrespective of whether he is right or...
  12. StefanKTM

    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

    Steve Wyndham approached the matter way wrong, he might have had a few good moments but he has totally discredited himself, EN NOU IS SY KAK GEBOEK if you ask me.
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    2017 KTM fender & Number plate

    So did you find it?
  14. StefanKTM

    2017 KTM fender & Number plate

    Hi Adam, could you please send me your contact number?
  15. StefanKTM

    2017 KTM fender & Number plate

    Hi Guys I'm looking for a front fender and number plate for my 2017 KTM 300 XC-W, lost the front end on an off-camber at madalas last weekend. If anyone has a decent second hand one lying around or any other decent secondhand plastics please let me know...
  16. StefanKTM

    Gas Gas back with a bang ?

    would be cool if they could do it with KYB or Showa suspension. that would kind of set it apart from the orange and white...
  17. StefanKTM

    New Hard Enduro Championship?

    If they start F***ing around in our sport I'm out, that's the last straw. See you on the WHO'S LEAVING WHO'S LEFT THREAD...
  18. StefanKTM

    Madalas Clarens

    My average was about 1Hour 20min riding time. After 3 red loops I was gatvol, friend of mine did 3 reds and then went out and did a blue loop for fun. Madalas can be good practice and fun at the same time depending on how you approach it.
  19. StefanKTM

    Madalas Clarens

    I did 3 red loops, the first climb was lekker tech. and the rest of the loop was pretty fun. first 2 laps were lekker but after 11:00 it was very hot and made the last lap a bit harder. All in all the route was good and fun and technical enough IMO.(I do think that 2 red loops was a bit easy for...
  20. StefanKTM

    WANTED. One Industries kombat helmet.

    Why where you specifically looking for this helmet, just my curiosity...:icon_e_biggrin: