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    Carb vent hosing

    Anyone know where I can get new carb vent hosing? Local dealers out of stock. Preferably clear or similar to the OEM color. Currently have the black fuel hose from Midas and hate the way it looks. Silly, I know.
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    Wanted: 18' mousse

    Howzit guys One of my mates is looking to buy an 18" mousse. If you have one that's decent please let me know and I'll get him to call you. We've got a decent 140 tyre for him, now trying to get a mousse to match. Miks
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    Wheel bearings

    Howzit guys I need to get new rear wheel bearings for my 2015 TE 300 but don't have the wheel with me today. I can go to Bearing Man later if I have the info. Does anyone know the bearing details? Thanks!
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    Boot strap

    Howzit guys I'm looking for an Acerbis boot strap, the bottom one is somewhere at Titans. Would be great to get one loose rather than buying a whole new set.
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    X-Ramp (heavy duty version)

    X-Ramp for sale. Heavy duty version for bigger bikes, that fastens with 2 mounting points on your car. We've only used it for enduro bikes. I've got 2 of these, and had purchased different mounts for my car. Because of this you have two mounting options, either for a Ranger/BT50 or a Fortuner...
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    Wanted: Front and rear grab straps

    Howzit guys I've looked everywhere and cant find a decent set of front and rear grab straps for a 2015 TE300. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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    2t exhaust protection

    Howzit guys What are you all doing to protect your 2t header? Mine took a proper knock an was butchered when 'fixed'. It can probably be improved somewhat but I'm considering just getting a new header to avoid this constant battle trying to get it right. I will still try get the current one...
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    Husqvarna linkage protection

    Howzit guys This guard on my TE300 has seen better days, and now the linkage has taken a knock. What are you guys using on your bikes?
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    Wanted: size 34 riding pants

    Howzit guys I'm slowly reducing my amount of orange kit and am looking to buy a pair of dark colored (black/grey etc) riding pants. Let me know if you have a pair you want to swap for some ZAR.
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    Wanted: 21 mousse

    Howzit guys The mousse I'm currently running in the front is nice and soft, good for rock hopping but too soft for higher speed stuff. Does anyone have a used 21" mousse that I can have/buy, to cut up and get some more life out of my current tyre/mousse combo. Going away on a riding weekend...
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    Wanted: Exhaust cage for 2015 Husqvarna Te300

    As per the title, I'm after a cage for my bike. Would prefer to buy a second hand one... still feels like January :icon_eek:
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    Swingarm tab protection

    The tabs that mount the chain guide on the swingarm of KTM's etc look vulnerable to being klapped or scraped by rocks. With some searching I've only found one protection part, here: Is there a local equivalent? One of the tabs on my newly...
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    Do you use protection?

    Howzit guys Came across these on another forum. Larger versions of the normal 'seal savers' you see on some bikes. Many split opinions between trapping dirt or prolonging the life of your seals. What do you guys think?
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    Howzit guys A family friend of ours has recently completed his build of a Mercedes Sprinter into a camper van. Complete with kitchen, shower, toilet, double bed, solar and very smart storage for his mountain bikes. This sparked my interest in the current van life movement, and then the moto...
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    Sticker kits JHB

    Howzit guys Are there any members here in the branding/signage game? Looking to get a sticker kit made for a friends 2008 300 XC-W. Will be a basic OEM looking design to modernise the bike, without 100 logos on it.
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    Neck braces

    Howzit guys Who of you are riding with neck braces? And what are you riding with? I've had an EVS neck collar before (the soft one) but think it was a waste of money. Two that seem proper are the Leatt and Alpinestars ones. Price differs about R1500 between the two. Which one would you go for...
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    2014 KTM 500 EXC Six Days Sardinia

    Howzit guys I'm on the hunt for a 300 2t, but need to re-home this rocket before that can happen. 2014 model 500 EXC Six days edition Sardinia 129 hours as at 24/12 On the road and license up to date Front indicators OEM, rear LED small ones OEM handlebar switchgear for road kit Foldable...
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    KTM plastic clutch cover (bolt on)

    KTM/Husky plastic clutch cover, bought a while back but doesn’t fit over the KTM billet clutch cover. Will fit: KTM sx-f 450 (13-15) and exc 450/500 (12-16) Husqvarna fe 450 (14-16) and fc 450 + fe 501 (14-15) R200-00 For collection in Morningside JHB or courrier at our cost
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    Anyone know their way around Maraisberg?

    Howzit guys I've been spoilt with many places to ride an ADV bike but not nearly as many places for plastic bikes. My mate hasn't ridden in years but just got a bike again, I'm getting better at tech but have a long way to go. If anyone is planning on riding at Maraisberg soon, and knows the...
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    Another howzit

    Howzit guys I've spent the past 5 years on adventure and dual sport bikes but have seen the light and currently pilot a 2014 500 EXC six days. :icon_mrgreen: Still have some catching up to do here but currently enjoying the old build threads etc