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    Trials Clubs

    Hi guys I would like to get into trials, I did some research and didn't really find any clubs online, do you guys know of a club in Johannesburg I could join, I am looking for a bike as well. Thanks for the help
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    KDX 200 Transmission Oil

    Hi Guys I just drained my transmission oil and now I am not sure what oil to put in, is there a special kind of oil or could I just use Castrol GTM 20W-50 or something similar? Thanks in advance.
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    KDX 200

    Hi All I am looking for a KDX 200 2004 or later, my father recently got a bike and after a few days at the track the bug bit me bad. At the moment we are sharing his bike but it would be much nicer if we can ride together. Any help will be much appreciated.