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  1. Wazi


    Any one got any decently priced hunting places they wanna share close by within a hour or 2 from JHB? Gotta be rifle hunting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wazi

    Any one in the pool business

    Looking at installing new pool in Boksburg area! Any one reliable you guys can suggest or know of? Better yet on the forum? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Wazi

    Warrior race

    Hey guys any one do any thing like this before? What's the pros and cons? What do you need to take with you? What type of fitness level is required for novice class? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Wazi

    Bike won't kick start

    So my dad left his TW 200 at my place - for a while and I was suppose to ride it ever now and then to keep the battery charged and keep the motor nice and loose [emoji12] I ended up not doing this and took it out the past weekend! I tried to kick start the bike and the kick start doesn't move at...
  5. Wazi

    Looking for clean PW50

    Howzit dudes, Any one got a decent 2011 up wards PW 50 they wanna sell or know of selling? Looking for some thing a bit newer, like some thing in this pic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Wazi

    Timothy Hay

    Any one know what happened to him! Just saw a message saying hope he pulls through! He's the guy from 2 wheels that did journey to the roof. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Wazi

    2015 Hilux Legend 45

    Advertising in behalf of my brother! 2015 Hilux Legend 45 - immaculate condition Full house Auto Rear tow bar - removeable Front tow bar - removeable Andy cab lux canopy Rubberized Nudge bar Side rails Rear step Reverse camera Climate control Gps Full customer black leather 22000km...
  8. Wazi

    UPS or generator and supply of UPS

    So I'm building a new house! Combination of gas stoves and solar geysers so I literally need a couple lights to run, possibly a plug or 2 for tv, kettle. Any one know if I should have back up generator or should I go with a simple UPS to do this? BigMike aren't you involved in generator/UPS...
  9. Wazi

    Is every GS rider a P#@S

    Don't like stereotyping but I find it strange that every oke that rides a GS on the road thinks you owe him a fucken favor when he rides any where near you! Almost as if he's a fucking ambulance or some thing! The worst is most of them have 3 boxes on the back and every box has a think bike...
  10. Wazi

    Odds and ends for sale

    So we ended up selling our place and moving to a better place! Packing up slowly I'll post some of the stuff for sale! For those Okes that know me, my stuff is always in brilliant condition or I won't sell it. So what ever is advertised will be like new or if not brand new! Hi Lift jack -...
  11. Wazi

    Any one got a lekker 3 fences dewildt track

    Have one of you dudes got a lekker 3 fences ride from cop shop ride on GPS you can mail me! Some thing with some climbs as well? Much appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Wazi

    Any one coming up from PE

    Hey dudes, mate of mine bought a trailer in PE and is trying to get it up to JHB. Any one coming up this side that's willing to tow a small venter trailer up with them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Wazi

    One for @bull - Yami and KYB

    The KYB worked so well it snapped the frame?
  14. Wazi

    Looking for oldish side by side

    Hey guys, almost embarrassed to ask for this lol.... It has 4 wheels so I'm ready for every one biting me shit! I'm looking for a older model side by side some thing like in the pic 2000-2010 model to commute around at the dam and launch jet skis etc. Looking to spend about 80k or so. Any...
  15. Wazi

    Shoei helmets

    Any one know who stocks shoei helmets in the east rand/Jhb area.. Full throttle have only size small and the all the oldest crap on the market! They not interested in ordering Mx alliance has mostly old stock and R11k a helmet! Where do you guys buy your shoei helmets from?
  16. Wazi

    Radiator repair

    Seems like a stone or stick managed to pass the radiator fins and crack a tiny hole on in the radiator - is some thing like this repairable or should I just buy a new one? Pricing on radiators is the next story?
  17. Wazi

    Number boards and colours

    Hey guys, can any one explain the number board colour difference etc on back rounds on the number boards. I see some guys have black boards with white numbers, others have yellow boards with black, others have green and white and others have red and white??? Did the back round colour represent...
  18. Wazi

    Car DVD player for kids

    Off bikes - it's December time with little China in the car! Anyone know where I can get theses car DVD screen which strap on the head rest and take the Dvd as well! Not looking for the whole play station under your seat job just the actual one that is a complete unit that charges as takes head...
  19. Wazi

    I warehouse closes its doors!!!

    So I decided to buy my self a new leatt tripper and some bladders etc etc... 2 weeks later I'm thinking this delivery is taking its sweet time and I go onto there site to find this!!!! It's directly tells you once you email them that you need to contact there attorneys for all new order...
  20. Wazi

    Custom aluminum

    Looking for some one on the east rand that can build me a custom aluminum/glass awning! It's a small smile project like 600 x 800 - want some aluminum square tubing round the edges and glass in the centre in other words like a picture frame! Any one you Guys can recommend?