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  1. Tman21

    Romaniacs 2020

    2 or 3 days to go, no prologue this year.
  2. Tman21

    Your TPI current hours?

    Glad you like it! I can live with it but hoping a refuned revision comes soon. My idling woes are something of the past and the bike ran sweet in the 37' heat on Sat.
  3. Tman21

    Roodeberg enduro 31 October 2020

    There is bevokte riding right there!
  4. Tman21

    Romaniacs 2020

    Johnny Walker out.
  5. Tman21

    De Wildt Routes

    Thanks for adding some tech oom!
  6. Tman21

    Your TPI current hours?

    See that Shimwells is now the official distributor
  7. Tman21

    Tpi idle adjustment

    Ive just done mine, die bike idled fine on the previous map but after Austria intervened its been kak. I did the mod, and as mentioned there is an air bypass screw. So on the 2020 it does have an altitude sensor to try and adjust on the fly however the map was written on the Air bypass screw...
  8. Tman21

    Petrol vs Diesel SUV/Double cab

    WFH has leveled the playing field for some guzzlers considering not being stuck in traffic 10K km a year etc.
  9. Tman21

    CRF230F 2006

    I think the asking price is not realistic, unfortunately you never get the money back you spend on it. 30-35 can possibly get you a near new 2012
  10. Tman21

    Petrol vs Diesel SUV/Double cab

    If you want to spend All space money, you are buying new so warranty etc should take care for the most part and you obviously look after your car and chances are good that it will serve you well. However if you thinking petrol Allspace you taking about turbo's and alot of other funny bits which...
  11. Tman21

    Romaniacs 2020

    Johnny and Manny are Factory KTM Taddy on the GG focusing on enduro X by the looks of things. Manny and Johny coming back from injury and they dont have access to those Michelins that has been leading the pack regardless of manufacturer.
  12. Tman21

    Lumbar spinal fusion and riding??

    Do the best you can with rehab/bio work and take it easy on the bike. If you ride again your body will tell you what it doesnt want or like! Best of luck!
  13. Tman21

    Romaniacs 2020

    I saw a short YT clip of Martin about a week ogo saying its all systems go. Other than that there has been no hype whatsover! Who is gonna win it? I think the 2 Husq boys are on form at the moment as well as the 2 boys from Sherco. I hope Wade gets a top 3 after his disappointing run last...
  14. Tman21

    Hey Bull

    rumor has it that they biggest castle can consumer in the Moot is no more . . .
  15. Tman21

    Petrol vs Diesel SUV/Double cab

    Both vehicles are extremely reliable but they both drive KAK! If you are talking GD6 you wont find a vehicle older than 5 years which means if its well taken care off it should easily see 350-400km hassle free km or 10-15yrs (taking D4D history here). If you want to keep the vehicle for...
  16. Tman21

    Your TPI current hours?

    So after i removed the oil line and cut off the 4mm + cleaned TB with air etc so I wanted to prime the oil pump just to find that my wakeup dongle does not wakeup the ECU . . . Still to be investigated. Havnt ridden in 3 weeks but for this weekend: And we test again.
  17. Tman21

    Your TPI current hours?

    Did you get a chance to lay some much needed scratches this weekend?
  18. Tman21

    Your TPI current hours?

    @Tombstone how crazy is that 2020 now uncle?
  19. Tman21

    Garmim Etrex 20/30 wanted.

    Wilds Biltong boetman!
  20. Tman21

    2011 Barn Find - What a Luck

    Should've bought that Christini you had for sale years ago Justin. ATM, 2018 TPI's were 95K new, werent these bikes 59K or so new?