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    Wednesday Trueness

    At least one out of three right:thumbs up:
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    Did you forget?

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    Moto101 Social Ride Sunday 15 Dec

    Dean, be careful. There is a chance he will throw it in the bin.:icon_lol:
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    Roof of Africa 2019

    It was after 11h00, and the beers were cold.
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    Sorted ******* Has anybody gained weight

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    KTM front and rear springs

    Hi, I have a set of 4.6 Ktm fork springs. 95kg-105kg rider weight. R1000 For a 2010 model, not sure if any changes on the spring vs 2017.
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    MY19 Journey, Still ticking over

    Not very good camo, we can still see it!
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    SIDI Boots for Sale UK10.5

    Hi, I have a pair of size UK10.5 SIDI boots for sale. In good condition. R3000
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    Moto101 Gauteng Social Ride - 7 September 2019: Heidelberg

    Damn, I see Chad is joining. Now I will need to take extra kit.
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    De wildt funduro 2019 !

    Do you have a video of the peri-peri loop as well?
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    Mountain Madalas 4Rivers?

    Dis you go far a braai at Marks house?:33:
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    Yamaha WRF starter motor

    Must it be marine approved?
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    ICE Fast KTM

    Probably can even park undercover at Alberton City.
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    ICE Fast KTM

    Who is all going to spectate and who is racing?
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    Happy BraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaP Day Blankie

    Happy Birthday Blankie, have a good one.
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    Roof of Africa Silver Class

    5.3 For entry into the Roof of Africa Silver or Gold Classes the following criteria will be strictly enforced. The competitor must have: · previously entered a Roof of Africa, or · entered and finished a SA National Enduro in a Full Distance National Championship Class in...
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    What's it worth?

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    KTM Plastics

    Hi Boertjie. I am sure I have a set lying around from a 300 that you can have . Just no air filter covers:icon_e_sad:. Send me a pm with your number and I can send some pics.
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    Michelin Mountain Madalas Berg 2019

    I think after that little tumble i shall be using a set. Got off lucky:) moo