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  1. Adam_10

    5-10HP outboard motor wanted

    Hi All, Looking for a short shaft 5-10HP outboard motor... Preferably something with an onboard fuel tank. I intend to use it on my 3.2m inflatable and space is limited. 2 stroke air cooled mule of motor will be first prize. Have gone through Gumtree/OLX/Facebook but haven’t come up with...
  2. Adam_10

    Who’s keen for a Moto 101 social ride?

    Since the year is drawing to an end, thought I’d see what everybody’s thoughts are about having a moto 101 social ride towards the end of Oct or start of Nov? Can have the usual routes, Lemon and Herb/Mild/Peri Peri followed by a dop en tjop. Any takers?
  3. Adam_10

    Wanted Cylinder: 2012 KTM 300XCW

    Anyone out there have a second hand 2012 KTM 300 XCW cylinder for sale? Let me know please...
  4. Adam_10

    KTM 300XCW Cylinder Head

    Friend dropped off his motor today, his bolts that secure the head onto the cylinder are stripped, not the actual bolts, but were they seat into the cyclinder. This is after putting in threaded bolt sleeves to go 1 size up in diameter. Question, who do you all reccommended to fix this? And can...
  5. Adam_10

    Wanted: Mini High Pressure Compressor

    This might be a long shot, but anyone have one they are wanting sell? If so, let me know please.
  6. Adam_10

    Wanted: KTM Radiator Fan

    Before i go out and buy one, does anyone have a new one they looking at selling for half the price? :LOL: :p
  7. Adam_10

    *SOLD* 2014 Husaberg TE 300 For Sale

    Hi all. Selling this 2014 Husaberg TE 300 on behalf of a friend who no longer has time to ride. The bike has only done 907.2 Kms, 28,56 Hours. Ridden very little. Comes with the following; Cycra Hand Guards, Hyde Bash Guard, Hyde Clutch Cover, EE Radiator Braces, Its still on the original...
  8. Adam_10

    Social Ride - 8 Feb 2020

    Since most of the forum members are either into Adventure riding and the other half dont login into Moto 101, i wanted to test the waters and see if anyone would be keen on a socail offroad ride? Thinking 8 Feb 2020 at Heidleberg. Who's keen?
  9. Adam_10

    Traxy tube support system

    I was scrolling through one of the other forums, you know, as one does when Moto 101 doesnt have any new posts worth reading and came across the following, so thought i would share. TRAXY TUBE SUPPORT SYSTEM; New, innovative system, replaces regular tube inside the 140/80-18″ or 120/90-18″...
  10. Adam_10

    KTM front and rear springs

    As the title suggests, need a set of springs for the front and rear of the KTM 250. Need 95-105kgs... Anyone has a set going on the cheap, let me know... Thanks.
  11. Adam_10

    2017 KTM 250EXC-F Six Days (Hello Moto 2.0)

    So just picked one up over the weekend. I’m not making the switch to a 4 stroke permanent, still have my trusty 300XCW which isn’t leaving anytime soon. I’m not new to riding 4 strokes however I am new to riding a purpose built enduro 4 stroke. The list of things I need to do to the bike is...
  12. Adam_10

    Moto101 Gauteng Social Ride - 7 September 2019: Heidelberg

    As mentioned here: The plan: Social ride with two (2) routes, Mild (Which has some technical bits in it but manageable, depending on the size of the group, you get loads of breaks to recover while you wait for...
  13. Adam_10

    Top 3 upgrades to begin with?

    What upgrades/modifications should one make to a bike in order for it to be more off-road ready. If you had to look back on your riding career and give your beginner self-advice on the top 3 upgrades/mods to make your bike off-road ready, what would they be? Second to the alterations that you...
  14. Adam_10

    Gauteng Social Ride Event Calendar

    Since we have a race event calendar, which I only every use when I’m trying to setup a social ride, I thought I would put together a Social Ride Calendar for the guys and girls in Gauteng. Currently I have 2 dates in mind, well in advance for the lads who need to get a day pass from household...
  15. Adam_10

    Social Ride: 22 June 2019 Heidelberg

    Social ride at Heidelberg on Saturday 22 June 2019. Depending on how many people are keen, we can have 2 routes, Mild and Peri Peri, followed by a braai and a couple beers. Skipping the whole voting system this time round since we cant please everyone. Who ever can make it and wants to join...
  16. Adam_10

    Who’s keen on another social ride and braai?

    As the title suggest, want to check who's interested in another social ride and braai afterwards? Suggest dates and venues before we go to the polls...
  17. Adam_10

    Fork Seal Driver to borrow

    Hi all, Does anyone in JHB (West and North) have a fork seal driver for 48mm Xplor forks i could please borrow? I will pay in beer for usage and return to your front door. Thanks.
  18. Adam_10

    Next Moto101 Social Ride 2019

    New poll setup properly from the inital thread... Dates; 2nd Feb 23rd Feb Venues options; Heidelberg Wolwekloof DeWiltd Vikings Histroy from the initial thread; Happy new year to all. May you all have a prosperous 2019 and keep the wheels turning... Since its a new year, we have the...
  19. Adam_10

    1st Moto 101 Social Ride for 2019

    Happy new year to all. May you all have a prosperous 2019 and keep the wheels turning... Since its a new year, we have the perfect opportunity to kick off the riding year with one of many social rides. It would be great if we could do 3-4 socials for the year, if possible alternate different...
  20. Adam_10

    2017 KTM Fork Guards

    Before i go spend some hard earned randellas on new ones, wanted to find out if anyone has one lying around they would want to part with. My current one made its way under the Rangers wheel and sadly didnt survive...