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    Black Friday 20'

    What did you buy? Pictures please
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    Who's staying, who's leaving + who's left?

    I turn 45 next year and have watched all my friends leave SA. It's now make or break time for me, dividing everything i have by 20 makes me wonder how i'd ever set myself up again internationally.
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    Mhara Game Lodge open for Enduro riding.

    Wow , what happened to serendipity ?
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    New carbon guards

    Thats like not having sex with girlfriend to keep her tight for her next boyfriend.
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    Kawasaki Engine Work

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    KTM/Husqvarna TPI issues/comcerns

    Anyone have any indication on price yet? I was thinking about trading up from 17
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    How Much Power Does The 2020 Husqvarna FE 501s Make?

    what you you consider to be a reasonable power output?
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    Time for a change ......

    Because he’s on 2 stroke now. Variety is the spice of life Ian
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    Building a boat

    Enjoy your build , looking forward to seeing your updates.
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    Building a boat

    What is your budget for the build?
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    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

    whats the name/details of the group?
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    Bringing on a surfing thread

    We're all eyes Ian
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    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

    whats is the story behind this?
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    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

    what happened to Glenn or what did MSA accuse him of?
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    Who's staying, who's leaving + who's left?
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    Off road bike licenses

    i had a similar situation with a cara few years ago, the only option the licensing centre had at the time was to export the car from the natis system. I filled in a few forms and that was that.
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    2020 leatt 5.5 flexlock boots

    very similar looking to the fox instinct
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    Roof of Africa 2019

    What is the prize money for a gold win?
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    Offroad kit for sale

    I cant believe you're not selling your kit! Have you tried one of the FB groups? Im sure it will move pretty quickly there.
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    So who's taking over?

    Therefore e-dirt is no more