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    SIDI Boots for Sale UK10.5

    Hi, I have a pair of size UK10.5 SIDI boots for sale. In good condition. R3000
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    ICE Fast KTM

    Who is all going to spectate and who is racing?
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    Wanted: Airbox cover 2009 KTM 300

    Hi, Just checking if anyone has a air box cover for a 09 KTM 300 lying around that I could take off their hands (2008 to 2011 will also fit). Cheers
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    KTM 250/300 Standard Rear Spring Needed

    Hi All, Just checking if anyone has a standard rear spring for a KTM that I can purchase. Cheers
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    Wanted KDX200 Power Valve Main Shaft

    Hi, Taking a chance someone has a power valve shaft for a KDX200 2001 to 2006 model being used as a paperweight lying around.
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    Happy Birthday Mitch

    Have a great day Mitch, where we meeting for drinks?:beerchug:
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    Honda XR 650L 2011 for Sale (R40K)

    Hi All, Posting for a mate. Honda XR650L 2011 23 000 km on the dial. New battery Low mileage tyres. Complete original tool kit 40K Contact Richard 082.783.2454
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    Rear and fork springs wanted: KTM 300/250 08 to 2015

    Hi, Just checking if anyone has a rear spring for a 300KTM (preferably a 72 or std will do) Also fork springs (preferably 4.4 or std). Any year from 08 to 15 will fit. Cheers
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    Wanted: Clutch master cylinder KTM 300 (2016)

    Hi All, Just checking if maybe somebody has a spare clutch master cylinder for a 2106 KTM 300 lying around gathering dust, maybe after a snake oil conversion. Cheers
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    KTM 300 2009 Filter Cage Wanted (Found One)

    Hi, Taking a chance someone has a spare or unused filter cage for a 09 KTM 300 lying around that they would like to sell . 2008 to 2010 models will also fit. Manage to find one at Raceworx:)
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    Welding a Front Fork Outer Tube 2009 KTM 300

    Hi All, Just checking if anyone can recommend someone who can weld/repair a small crack on a outer tube of the front fork. Took a knock and has a small hairline crack which I would rather repair before it gets worse. Also found out that the springs in the forks are not OEM and do not slide...
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    Wanted 2010 KTM 300 magneto cover

    Hi, I know the chances are slim but does anyone have a magneto cover for a 2008 to 2011 KTM 300 laying around. Bush mounting is worn beyond redemption. Cheers
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    Happy Happy Mitch

    Mitch Have a awesome day. You can buy me a beer later:beerchug:
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    Wanted: Seat for KTM 300 2009

    Hi, Just checking anybody has a spare seat lying around that they want to sell. I am sure any seat from a 250 (2T) or 300 2008 to 2011 will fit.
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    Black Friday Specials

    Anybody been past RAD to see what specials are on, or any other bike shops doing the Black Friday promotion?
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    EWXC "Bob"bling up

    Bob being smooth as always:icon_e_ugeek:
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    Den EWXC Stepping it up!

    Den tripping it up on the step up:icon_rolleyes:
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    Bulls vs Cheetahs: Predictions

    Cheetahs by 18. They must be good if they beat the Lions:icon_rolleyes:
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    Outlawing recording devices.

    MSA GENERAL CIRCULAR 2 OF 2016 Any thoughts on why MSA would outlaw recording devices? On the grounds of safety, MSA is hereby outlawing the fitment of cameras or other recording devices on the person of any competitor. Such devices may therefore not be fitted to the crash...
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    Wanted KTM 250/300 Subframe

    Hi, Looking for a a KTM 250/300 subframe for a 2008 model, later models up to 2011 will also fit.