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  1. Naughty Ian

    @bull the birdwatcher

    Bull, I see you down to watching and filming birds and doing park runs - if I had to ride a POS every weekend I might also look at other options. Anyway, send me your address, I want to send you something
  2. Naughty Ian

    Dillan / X Factor sport trailers

    Dillan, I know that OZ is out the picture and you are running X Factor trailers, I need a bit of help. I am going down to Peak to Peak in about two weeks time and am looking for a "comfortable" trailer - @ Dean won't give me any advice :icon_lol::icon_lol::icon_lol:
  3. Naughty Ian


    Hey old dyslexic AndyAndyAndyAndy, are we going to see you purchasing a 790 shortly?
  4. Naughty Ian

    111 megawatt

    Mitch, especially for you, Johnny Walker is riding a 4T mans bike for this race and the rest of the WESS season :thumbs up:
  5. Naughty Ian

    Ktm 790 r

    For those of us that think the economy is buggered and there is no money out there, this is a proto type of the 790R adventure. Nobody can confirm yet if it will be exactly the same and what the pricing will be - but you will be surprised how many orders the dealers have got :thumbs up:
  6. Naughty Ian

    Ktm festival in swaziland

    Who all is going to this? BULL, not you and your Yamaha crew, a festival is a gathering of a lot of bikes - you will understand:icon_e_biggrin: I met Stefan Pierer from KTM on 2 occasions, what a fantastic chap. But apparently on this trip I will meet Mr KTM, from Cape Town, can't wait for the...
  7. Naughty Ian

    Toyota desert 1000

    Any news on the latest updates for the time trial, the timing only shows from 1pm
  8. Naughty Ian


    Are you going to accept my offer which was 20% higher than your asking price? From Natal and all, can I come collect tomorrow :thumbs up:
  9. Naughty Ian

    Happy birthday dean

    Have a splendid day today, see you at Heidelberg for a few beers :birthday::beerchug:
  10. Naughty Ian

    Admin please help

    Can someone please change Swazi_matt's name to eSwatini_matt :icon_e_biggrin:
  11. Naughty Ian

    Heidelberg 24/25 february

    This weekend was a fantastic weekend for dirt bikers, no vehicles stolen and a lot of fun had by all. Unfortunately you have to unload/ load your own bike, kit up yourself, and just in general sort yourself out, and it is all worth it, I would say :icon_e_biggrin:
  12. Naughty Ian


    I was asked to post this on here to get some awareness. Riding places are getting less and less, and due to some inconsiderate riders, you are going to loose one more spot. There must be 20 or so dustbins at Heidelberg 4X4, but some people prefer the ground. It has come to the point that they...
  13. Naughty Ian

    Something for armcramp

  14. Naughty Ian

    Tm at the roof 2017

    bulletproof, can you enlighten the members here how the "hungry" plug eating Italian TM performed at this years Roof? :33: Or would you rather like to explain why you dumped the POS Italian scrap and opted for a far superior master piece of Austrian engineering out of the best bike factory in...
  15. Naughty Ian

    Fortrex 201 and rost bracket

    I found these two items in a cupboard whilst cleaning out. Anyone want them, make me an offer I don't understand. The bracket is brand new and the Garmin was used once, i cant read it, its too small :icon_cry:
  16. Naughty Ian

    Sneak preview of the 2018 beta's

  17. Naughty Ian

    Anybody else know someone like this

  18. Naughty Ian

    Big thumbs up to kudu signs

    :thumbs up: Ordered a set of new plastics and sticker kit last week from Wacker, stickers stuck and delivered to my door today. And all of this for the measly sum of R2950
  19. Naughty Ian

    Adventure bike trip to west coast

    I am planning an adventure trip down the West Coast, I stole a few of Armcramps ideas, any one got some more :icon_lol: Stuart, can you help me out with a bracket to fit coffee machine onto top box? Extra large cameltoe for that soft West Coast sand, doubles up as a braai for the crayfish...
  20. Naughty Ian


    Put some old retro look stickers on my scoot. Great service and price from Wacker, delivered to my door for R650 :icon_eek: