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  1. swazi_matt

    Roof of Africa 2020

    With predictions of SA borders staying closed till Feb 21 I guess this will not be happening ... or it will be the year it is won by a Basotho
  2. swazi_matt

    Bike Industry and Covid19

    With this extended period of shutdown I was wondering how the bike industry was coping? No races means no spares sold, but also no spares sponsored so is it evening out or are they suffering?
  3. swazi_matt

    Rusting Helmets

    Not sure how many of you have seen these posts regarding Airoh, Suomy and Leatt helmet strap buckles rusting where they connect to the helmet. I have only had my Leatt about 2 years and had a look last night and there is some surface rust there already. I am not so fussed at the moment since i...
  4. swazi_matt

    Roof of Africa 2019

    it can't be too far away, lets get it started!! too soon to predict winners? I'm going to put it on Jarvis so the brits can win something!
  5. swazi_matt

    KTM have seen the light

    so it seems that management at ktm have decided that the only way to produce a decent bike is to buy one!:icon_lol: I guess i am now part of the ktm family From Google translate. KTM and Black Toro Capital create a ?joint venture? to...
  6. swazi_matt

    To Clutch or not

    Since it has been a while regarding any technical discussions (other than 2t/4t or which tyre) I thought i would throw this out there when changing gear does it make any difference if you use the clutch or not?
  7. swazi_matt

    Gas Gas Podium in A4DE I will post the results of the 2t shootout as soon as they release them to the non subscribed public ;-) GAS GAS CELEBRATES PODIUM FINISH | NEWS 10 April 2018 / Text Size (-) (+) / Print The Gas Gas Australian Race Team...
  8. swazi_matt

    World Enduro Super Series (WESS) 2018

    So they have finally announced the full world Enduro super series to the detriment of a lot of the established extreme enduros (so far ktm factory has not attended the extreme events) seems like redbull is trying to make non-redbull races feel the pinch...
  9. swazi_matt

    where is this tech now?

    So this prototype was released in 2008. When i look at it i see it as being easily suited to off-road/rally use where you need to be standing for long periods (i am sure the joints can be modified to allow them to work like your natural suspension - aka knees) and means we should all be able to...
  10. swazi_matt

    Dakar 2018

    So another orange in or do you think there will be a new brand on the podium? A lot more dunes this year, may work to someone’s favor. Was hoping that GeV Sella would be competing this year after winning the Africa Eco rally last year I thought one of the teams would have taken him as a...
  11. swazi_matt

    Mario Román to do dakar?

    Not sure if this is fake news or not. Only
  12. swazi_matt

    Suspension Q & A

    Perhaps shock logic can chime in here? I would like to get a route set up that can test all suspension circuits (individually if possible). There is always confusion about what is high-speed and what is low-speed, so i would like to know what kind of obstacles would be considered to...
  13. swazi_matt

    New SG10 Gaerne boots for sale

    band new pair of Gaerne SG10 size US10 for sale R5900 It appears that my feet have grown only worn them around the house for about 30 minutes. still have the tags, I will be in JHB this sunday to wednesday watsapp +26876024264 or PM
  14. swazi_matt

    Anyone in the Watch business?

    I need to get a watch for on of my 10year employees. Wondering if anyone here is in this type of business or can direct me to someone they know. Budget is 5k including engraving. Thanks
  15. swazi_matt

    Anyone been skiing at afriski

    considering going there this month at short notice, anyone been there and have any comments, suggestions etc
  16. swazi_matt

    Finally a cure for armpump I knew we hadn't heard the last from balance bracelet
  17. swazi_matt

    Why do some threads not show as new posts

    Was recently doing an Armpump for some info on new kit and one of the hits was from a moto101 thread started by mxaction magazine that I had not seen before. I now see that they start a few threads almost everyday and from the number of views it seems not many people see them, but for some...
  18. swazi_matt

    Toby Priceless movie and there is also an opportunity for ozosborne at 12:35 .... a redbull dakar champion and an offcut!!!?!?!?
  19. swazi_matt

    Pretty sh!ty Xmas deal - Lets help get this kid a bike!

    Thought i would post this up here. not sure what will come of it but at least i will get my rant off! My son has a ttr110 and his cousin who is a few months older than him (almost 9) has always been a bit scared of riding. anyway about 5 months ago we convinced him to give it a bash and he is...