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  1. Bush Wacker

    I give in.. to the 2020 KTM 300

    Being a 4stroker through and through, and never really feeling the 300 love on the older carb bikes... I need to eat my hat. Very happy with the new scoot, If you switched the sound off, it would be hard to tell if you were on a 4t or 2t, and I can see how @Tombstone feels its too smooth, it...
  2. Bush Wacker

    Gold Roof, on a budget

    So I entered on the last day, I've missed it for years for various reasons, and I could find another excuse this year, but may as well ride and not miss out... Entry - R6500 (late entry could have been 5k) Fuel for the bus - R2500 Fuel for the bike R1000 5l disposable drums - R150 2 x double...
  3. Bush Wacker

    Sea2sea (previously sea2ski)

    Who is in this year?? I am heading down, never ridden that area!
  4. Bush Wacker

    My 2019 Journey

    Since 2008 I said if the starter for these came, I would buy a new one... Starter was ordered before the bike:icon_lol: Mods so far Kyb Forks Kyb shock.. wait a minute... Tubliss front disk guards Just flushed suspension oils at 10h, and we are good to go!
  5. Bush Wacker

    KTM model runs?

    I feel like the 2017 bikes are still a "new" model, only being released a few years ago... Previously we had (in enduro range) 08-11 models - 5 years 12-16 models - 5 years 17-19 models - 3 years?? are the 2020s considered just a facelift model and there will be new bikes in 2022 or a...
  6. Bush Wacker

    Bronze Qualifier

    Whose going? I'm in!
  7. Bush Wacker

    Where's your line in the sand...

    With many people currently thinking of emigrating, wheres your line in the sand?
  8. Bush Wacker

    Nitro Mousse 10/10

    So as most know, I have hated mousses for years, and have been running tubliss exclusively since about 2014, including every Impi and evwnt I have done, until last October. What I dislike most about a mousse is "usable lifeapan", yes some mousses last 1.5 years, but they are rock hard for 80% of...
  9. Bush Wacker

    Yz200 project.

    Let's just say it's too late to turn back now....
  10. Bush Wacker

    Raceworx order

    So since my m101 moaning post, which I thought would sort things, as my emails get no response. I received a letter And my imaginary chain guide Some good weight reduction. I feel like a real Stuart moaning
  11. Bush Wacker

    365h top end

    Bike - 2015 250xcfw total hours 365. So its been 215h since my last piston, After the 150h top end, which was a bit of a waste of time and parts, so I decided I will go to 200h on the next piston. Bike was not using any oil and no signs of smoke on start up. Opened her up on sunday, valves are...
  12. Bush Wacker


    Maybe posting something here I will actually get a response and conclude my ongoing order, ordered and Payed for on May 10th... I ordered originally because they were the only guys who "had" a KTM 300 type 1 top end in stock... I really didn't want to do this, but Im not even getting replies...
  13. Bush Wacker

    Impi 2017, what a great ride

    The Impi was held back at its original venue, and was another great ride. Time trial got the blood going and was a good taste of what was to come for the bronze loops. Friday's day was my personal favourite, tons of cattle path, some sandy loamy river beds and a few good passes. Saturday was a...
  14. Bush Wacker

    quick stage scaffolding

    Does anyone supply or have any quick stage scaffolding they want to sell? Ideally 2nd hand. I basically need a 6m platform, with base jack's ect.
  15. Bush Wacker

    Barnes Bro's bash plates

    Quality is great, new bashplate took me 2 mins to fit and everything lined up perfectly. Range is limited to KTM/Husky 250f/350f and 250/300 pre 2017 and post 2017 models. R1000 for the bash plate, with the option of a R200 link/skid extension for the Husky. Matt 0823042532 Chris...
  16. Bush Wacker

    Power Outages

    Just out of interest is any other area affected by constant power failures / outages? It seems we have at least 1 day every 2 weeks without power in Hilton. Last week it was 5 days of darkness.... BULL you ticked the wrong box in 94....
  17. Bush Wacker

    Graphics kit raffle, R100 a ticket all money ges to Bull terrier rescue.

    Win a new set of graphics for just R100. Rules. Deposit R100 to the below banking details, use "Kudu Signs" as a reference, send POP to 30 tickets available, you can pick any avaliable number! ALL proceeds go to the Bull Terrier rescue. 1 @NaughtyIan 2 Dean_E232...
  18. Bush Wacker

    Xl lagares, Wade 1st, Trav 5th.
  19. Bush Wacker

    I used to own a jap bike poll

    See poll!
  20. Bush Wacker

    300 Project bike

    So Iv ended up with a project bike. Not bad timing as I have a buggered shoulder and can't ride anyway. Looks like it lean/heat seized. I'll be doing crank and bottom end while I am at it. Will update with more pics as I go.