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    Mini Toors' petrol pony

    Dis vrek nice. My laaitie se naam is ook Ruben, kan hy maar erf? Nou 5.
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    Did you forget?

    Sjoe maar hulle is k@k
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    2020 SX Season

    Wie wen?
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    Refurbs -

    Lice work Oz. Aren't you in Australia yet?
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    2009 Honda CRF230

    Now that would be interesting.
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    Shipping containers to Aus

    Can own a handgun in Oz, but gets kept at club. Can own long gun, can keep at home AFAIK. No semi-autos. Its been debated to death on the gun forums, not worth it to take them with except in very rare very high value cases. Sell here, buy there.
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    Selling a business

    This sounds just a bit impulsive OZ.
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    My 2019 Journey

    First option for when you sell please.
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    MY19 Journey, Still ticking over

    You paid someone money for that?
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    GXCC#6 Carletonville

    Post some infos man.
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    YZ250X range with standard tank?

    Between this fuel consumption thread and Oz's poked motor there is surely no future in 2T.
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    2020 gasgas

    It is fat and heavy
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    Russel Cambell?

    Russel is impressed
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    Just a yes or a no?

    Where what how why
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    ICE Fast KTM

    Kids under 10 free. Hmmm, maybe I will pop in.
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    ICE Fast KTM

    Can go on Sat, but not really keen to fork out R400 for me and the three little ones just to get in and stay for an hour...?
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    Yamaha Electric Starter

    I think the Jap manufacturers are just not very interested in the Euro off road scene and what happens there. Japan has always had very strong ties with the USA economically and socially (at least after the A-bombs :icon_eek: ), and they are focused on the MX stuffs happening there (even though...
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    2020 tdr1000

    I definitely wont be racing, but this raises my interest levels... :33:
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    2020 tdr1000

    Bucket list event