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    Sea to Sky

    Hi all, anyone got more up to date on the the Sea2sky race than the official website?
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    so i need to decide

    Hey Guys. Not a long post, just a long answer waiting to happen. a few of you will remember me back in the day, i used to ride a 300KTM. (up until 2011) before i moved to the UK. Now im in a position to buy a new KTM - becasue to me nothing else matters (Orange is life). Im not as large as...
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    Matterley Basin 2019

    Hey guys- was at Matterley Basin for the British MX GP today. Really impressed with the riding of Calvin Vlaanderen today. He is really looking good for the season. 1st race he had a small off that cost him a good position. 2nd race he was a MAN posessed. What a bloody good ride from him today...
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    125 for my son

    need a road legal 125 for my son. anyone got something for sale?
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    coming for a visit from over the Pond

    hey nutters, im heading to SA later this week for a week. Any of you want to hook up for a Beer next week? any Tech Evenings or meets happening- would love to see some of you farkers again.
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    Private Plane Charter

    Hey Everyone, need a contact or two for chartering a plane from Durban to Lost City (if possible). for about 8 people (a family) and then back to Jhb after a few days. Needs to be high standard. Lear Jet Type. Prefer the business to go to someone on the forum (keeping it the family) . Feel free...
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    Des NAtions

    Any detailed report on how SA did from an insider?
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    My Holiday next month

    Hey Lads Hello from Mud Island. I Cant believe its been 5 years since i swung my leg over my Katoom 300. Been far to long out of the sport. As a teaser, im going on a little adventure in spain next month Welcome to Torotrail: Europe’s leading provider of offroad trail riding in Spain and...
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    What you think the MAx weight for the 350 is? Getting a new Boney in March, so torn between 300 2T, 350 or 450 4T's Living on Mud Island where it rains most of the time, and traction is mostly mud, so leaning towards 450, but wondering if my fat ass will hurt a 350 too much? Would love the 300...
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    wassup Mofo's

    BEen a while. Where you all hiding? Ive lurked a little, just havnt bothered logging on.
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    Supersport login wanted

    Hey guys, anyone have an online login for supersport? I want to catch the Super Rugby this season, as it a bit stupid expensive here in the uk with SkySports. Am prepared to pay if need be, but hoping someone has a login they can share with me via PM. Will be in SA over easter and will drop off...
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    London Mbike show

    going this weekend, will submit a report if i get time on the pc.
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    Full MX results TerraTopia

    Anyone got the full results for the National this last weekend?
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    SX at Loftus riders not paid

    Hearing from multiple sources that the riders havnt been paid for the SX at Loftus. frikken disgusting if you ask me. That will be the last time we get international riders coming. Wonder if MSA have something to do with this.......
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    SA MX 2015

    OK, just a fact finding mission, not wanting to start a Womza vs MSA thread. Anyone got an Idea of the SA Nationals (MSA) for 2015 dates I see on Bulls post from last year when the WOMZA ones are. ARE MSA hosting any MX nationals this year, and if so when are they? Just info please guys
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    Rental over easter

    Hey lads, Im coming for a visit over easter, and would be keen to go for a ride with some of my old mates. Anyone have a rental bike available for a days ride? Or if you know of anyone? Would be awesome to hook up with some of you again. :D :D
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    Wade Young incident ... b-assault/ Bottled in face. not cool. hope you get well soon Wade. Hope the guy gets caught and is jailed for this. 2 sides to a story, but stabbing someone in the face is an act of the lowest of the low.
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    how to goPro

    Hi guys whats the best way to attach a goPro to a road bike helmet. im assuming the top is a bad idea as the wind resistance may be a problem.
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    Rugby this weekend

    Yes byaitches. Im going to Twickenham for the SA vs Eng game this Saturday. Going to be a JOL. Company Beer is always the sweetest. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    ACL Reconstruction

    Hey guys, going at long last to get my left knee reconstructed. destroyed it at at the 2009 Roof as a spectator. Never been right since then. Doctor says there are some "funny" things going on inside there that needs checking and fixing. this will be on thursday. Wish me luck, and hopefully i...