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  1. Chadvdw67

    The Good Food and Braai Fred

    Taken a few attempts, but this is my best sourdough bread so far....
  2. Chadvdw67


    My brother is selling anthracite, give him a call and maybe he can help out, Geoff zero83 four17 five24two
  3. Chadvdw67

    KTM / Husqvarna TPI Power Kit

    Do you really believe that those men in white coats are perfect, and do everyrhing to perfection and never make mistakes?
  4. Chadvdw67

    Draad Kameel Eienaars

    Delta? Really want to go there
  5. Chadvdw67

    2016 ktm 300 xc-w GONE

    Top of the range for one discipline is not the same for a different discipline...
  6. Chadvdw67

    2016 ktm 300 xc-w GONE

    Man, I wouldn't mind a Stage Max, or a Hyrax, but the Hyrax I think is a bit too much of a bruiser Yes and no
  7. Chadvdw67

    Draad Kameel Eienaars

    Try to cycle 50km a week, normally in 1 or 2 rides, mostly cycle at Modderfontein and Rietvlei zoo farm, have also ridden at Hennops, Big Red Barn, Buffelsdrift, Thaba trails and do a fair bit of roadie action on the MTB just because it is easy to go from home.
  8. Chadvdw67

    2016 ktm 300 xc-w GONE

    I financed my bike privately when I bought it, not really a mission, FNB private to private finance
  9. Chadvdw67

    KYB vs K-tech ORVS for xplorer replacement / upgrade

    Do you, or do they have the old SSS fork stanchions still?
  10. Chadvdw67

    SOLD POD K4 L-XL Knee braces SOLD

    Selling my POD K4 L-XL knee braces, only used a couple times, really comfortable to ride with, nice and slim. The straps are all in good condition as can be seen in the pictures, and they come with all the little parts/pads for fitment adjustments. SOLD
  11. Chadvdw67

    SOLD Garmin Etrex 35 touch SOLD

    Selling my Garmin Etrex 35 touch with ACC billet mounting bracket. SOLD Zero7nine four92 44six8
  12. Chadvdw67

    Business owners on Moto101

    Will do Oom
  13. Chadvdw67

    Business owners on Moto101

    The Gear Factory We manufacture spur gears, helical gears, internal ring gears, internal and external splining and keyways. We mainly do gears for earth moving equipment and exploration drilling equipment, but can and have done gears for most things, from cameras, baking mixers and Maserati...
  14. Chadvdw67

    Calling all members

    Still lurking.... - - - Updated - - - Then why do you call BULL P@#s all the time?
  15. Chadvdw67

    MY19 Journey, Still ticking over

    I think when I bought that oil for my van it was around R300 for 5litres
  16. Chadvdw67

    MY19 Journey, Still ticking over

    Will be even cheaper buying a 5lt at a spares shop
  17. Chadvdw67

    Garage Cleanout

    More than enough tools posting on this forum
  18. Chadvdw67

    2014 Husaberg 300 for sale

    Shouldn't have said that, now everyone knows its been trashed
  19. Chadvdw67

    The Good Food and Braai Fred

    Just for BULL
  20. Chadvdw67

    Handle Bars FOMO

    Running out of fuel on a 2 stroke can seize the motor very quickly