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    KTM 1290 Akrapovic

    Hi guys. Looking for an Akrapovic slip on for the 1290. Any leads please let me know. Cant seem to find anything on gumtree etc. Cheers
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    GASGAS and KTM

    Interesting article full of speculation: If I had to guess: KTM is going to kill off the enduro range and add to their current range the GasGas trials bikes and use GasGas for the E-Bikes as well. Which...
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    WESS 2020 - Still no ROA

    See next year there will only be 2 cross country / classic enduros. They have at last moved away from just European events with TKO included in the mix, but still no Roof of Africa :icon_cry...
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    Bought a new bike

    So we have a visitor down in CPT. But told the wife I bought a new bike. She was more upset about the sticker kit than the bike :icon_lol: - - - Updated - - - Tman21
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    HMW billet Clutch covers or similar

    Bike spending is getting out of hand again this time of year So does anyone have a 2nd hand heavy duty cover lying around. Its for a 2017 KTM 300, so think 2017 and up all will fit. Keep on hitting the bolt next to the brake lever on a rock, it bends and then cracks the cover. 3rd Cover on...
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    Speed of the Pro's. Just Crazy

    Had a look at some of the POV footage of this weekends BR2 ENDURO SOLSONA and kakked myself just watching Josep Garcia’s POV. :icon_eek: Absolutely no room for error at that speed.
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    2020 gasgas

    Is it just me or does the plastics make it look fat and heavy? Anyway, some info on the new GasGas models. Seems like it will be cheaper than the rivals, but doubt we will see any on our shores.
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    Matt Green in Enduro21

    Some nice exposure for our Matt Green. Glad someone is noticing. Name: Matthew Green Nationality: South African Team: Kargo Liqui Moly Racing Instagram: @mattgreen47 At just 17 years old, South Africa’s Matthew Green is one of the youngest riders contesting the top-tier classes in...
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    2T ECU & INJECTOR KIT by GET If I understand this correctly: This is a new ECU for the 2018 and 2019 TPI bikes that you can program wireless like the Yamaha 4T bikes. To install you: Blank off the oil injectors, and add the red plate between the injector and reed valves. The oil, fuel and...
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    2020 Betas Released

    Really good looking bikes. While Sherco has been growing in SA I doubt we will see the same happen to Beta. Such a shame.
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    FIM ban on WESS

    Who can explain this? I cant seem to figure out why they banning WESS events, what are they failing to agree on? I am on the fence about WESS. On one side it gives great coverage...
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    Molded Soles and Stretching New Boots

    So after 2 sets of TCX Comp Evo Michelin boots, totalling 190hours, I decided that I am gatvol of fixing molded soles. I am not a sit and paddle or feet dragging kind of rider, way too short for that. But the soles just did not want to stay on the boot. During roof last year I hit my...
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    2017 300 XCW Revamp

    So after some much needed love I decided to spend some money on my bike rather than buying new. Initially I thought it will be cheaper, in the end it cost about the same as buying new. Only upside, I have a better setup Setup change: 2017 KTM 300 XCW with 190hrs on 1. Lectron carb stays 2. Dal...
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    Impi Hard Enduro 27-29 June

    Someone offered to take my bike up and I needed some motivation to start training again. Havent done shit since Roof last year and bike has been standing for far too long. Wont be anything near fit in 6 weeks, but would be a jol anyway. So, who am I meeting there?
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    Yamaha officially withdraw from enduro world championship I know its only enduro GP, but still
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    Roof 2018 Start/Finish

    Hi everyone, just over a month and there is no info on the start finish. Any ideas or inside info would be appreciated
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    Sea to Ski 2018

    So, who is all going the first weekend? 13 October 2018
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    Etrex 10 and Rost bracket

    Good day all Looking for an Etrex 10 and Rost bracket. If you know of anyone selling, please let me know. Cheers EDIT: Found a bracket. Now just looking for a GPS
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    Dal Soggio XP One Setup

    Have been running the conversion for a while. Just curious to see what the guys are using on the clickers. Received a clicker setup from two people in the industry and they are quite far apart from one another. Before you all say it depends, just curious to see what you are running and why
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    Helmet specials

    Anyone know if there will be any Helmet specials coming up on the Airoh Aviator 2.2 or Leatt 6.5/5.5 helmets? Tman21 and adamktm always know about a good deal