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  1. Rossnij

    Apparent hold up at Erora

    Howzit all. Some guys were held up at erora... think it was yesterday .... need to be vigilant. Grant Bloomfield phoned me, training them tomorrow morning at TT, they got robbed this afternoon at Erora. 6 owes came out the bushes with guns. Luckily they hardly got away with anything, took a lot...
  2. Rossnij

    Dakar 2021

    These special folk, that race this, on a modified 450 desert racer, I salute them. They are heroes to me.
  3. Rossnij

    Whats cracking 21'

    Left liver. For a decent holiday
  4. Rossnij

    2020 SX Season

    I've Already picked. Whats the group name again?
  5. Rossnij

    Best of FB and Gumtree Adds . . .

    Offer him 15 without seeing it...
  6. Rossnij

    Dakar 2021

    Very tight race this year but a Honda 1-2 must be very satisfying for them...
  7. Rossnij

    Wanted - CC or Cone Valve Forks

    Phone this dude Guys I have a set of 2019 cones with a 2019 trax pds shock available. R50k combo deal. Serious buyers contact me privately. 0727too61 three 49
  8. Rossnij

    Greetings One & All

    Green blood is good. Type A positive.
  9. Rossnij

    Whos buying a GasGas

    How much less?
  10. Rossnij

    Who’s keen for a Moto 101 social ride?

    I'm bikeless currently...
  11. Rossnij

    Scooter for sale

    Ps i have been looking after it for 2 years mechanically.
  12. Rossnij

    Scooter for sale

    Bump. Trying to help a family who lost its owner... Make a reasonable offer.
  13. Rossnij

    Your TPI current hours?

    Did that filter just perish?
  14. Rossnij

    Pre 2003 KTM parts.

    Hundred percent. I only have only old scraps...
  15. Rossnij

    Pre 2003 KTM parts.

    So point in case then, why is a ktm 520 exc 2002 model then still worth R20k? Ktm don't even make the parts anymore. Should be R10k because you can't get any valves or shock rebuild kits. The second hand bike prices are way out of proportion in my opinion.
  16. Rossnij

    Pre 2003 KTM parts.

    after a few investigations and searches online it seems the Austrians no longer produce parts for these models anymore. Is this true?
  17. Rossnij

    Garmim Etrex 20/30 wanted.

    I'll take it please
  18. Rossnij

    Garmim Etrex 20/30 wanted.

    I also need one and they are sold out.
  19. Rossnij

    Scooter for sale

    Big Boy Yeti 150cc Scooter Excellent condition. 10k Contact 0733274one7two
  20. Rossnij

    Andalucia Rally Spain 2020

    seems the rally bikes are super competitive again. That's why I love bikes, 90% rider, 10% bike...