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  1. Thor928

    Late model KTM mini adventure

    Hello - I’m looking for a late model KTM 50 Mini Adventure in good condition for my boy - please let me know if anyone knows of one for sale - looking for a newer neat one - thanks
  2. Thor928

    250 Freeride refuses to start

    Here is one for the mechanical guru`s out there. Mate has 2 x 250 Freerides - his daughters one refuses to start - not even a splutter - even towed it - nothing During race last weekend - bike seemed to loose revs for a moment - almost like it wanted to cut out but came right and she did 2 x...
  3. Thor928

    Photo`s of 2016 Winterbeg and ICE

    For those wanting to see what went on in Port Elizabeth this past weekend (2016 Winterberg National Enduro - ICE - Inner City Enduro) - I have posted quite a few photo`s I took at these events on my web site - Select "Galleries" - "Enduro Events" then Winterberg or ICE. Motosport Photography
  4. Thor928

    KTM Powervalve settings

    There are 3 springsthat should come with bike Red Yellow(stock) Green But you can also get Blue White These effect at what rev the powervalve fully opens. Green = PV Opens @ 5,500 rpm ; PVis fully open @ 8,300 rpm. Yellow = PV Opens @ 5,500 rpm ; PV is fully open @ 7,800 rpm. Red = PV...
  5. Thor928

    Bleeding brake system “Back Bleeding”

    My method of bleeding brake system with fresh fluid “Back Bleeding” I suggest changing your brake fluid. I prefer Motorex Dot5.1fluid, it’s the best..a little expensive, but the best. DOT 5.1 has higher specification and is for fast road and occasional track day use. It has a similar spec to...
  6. Thor928

    Replacing Counter shaft seal and o-ring

    1. Take your front sprocket off and clean cleanclean, see picture. 2. Use your fingers if you can to pull thecollar off, if you have to use a large adjustable pliers (carefully)..Shouldcome off by hand. 3. If you don’t have a seal puller you can use ascrew driver(careful you don't scratch the...
  7. Thor928

    How to Regrease Your Linkage in 10 Easy Steps

    How to Regrease Your Linkage in 10 Easy Steps...(thanks to Thumpertalk) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally written for the Yamaha 250F (or 400F/426F/450F) linkage, but theprocess is pretty much the same for most bikes with rear linkage...
  8. Thor928

    Basic 2 stroke Tuning

    Changing the powerband of your dirt bike engine is simple when you know the basics. A myriad ofdifferent aftermarket accessories is available for you to custom tune your biketo better suit your needs. The most common mistake is to choose the wrongcombination of engine components, making the...
  9. Thor928

    Guide to buying a 2nd Hand Dirt Bike

    Obviously the seller is not going tobe keen to let you whip the head off to check the piston and bore, or split thecrankcase so you can check the wear on the engine internals. Howeverthere are a whole lot of things that you can check, without having to bring atoolbox. You will have to pay...
  10. Thor928

    Heim Bearing replacement

    Parts Used:Enduro Engineering Heim Joint BearingReplacement Kit (item #16-098), Heim Bearing Tool, Dura-Max PDS Lower Heim Housing Guard Here’s the worn joints before removal. Notice the wear marks directly under the shock on the Heim Housing. There was about a¼” of play if you jacked the bike...
  11. Thor928

    Front Axle Alignment

    Fork misalignment is the single most common chassis set up problem we see at Moto Pro when customers bring in bikes with suspected fork problems. Most KYB, Showa and WP forks are manufactured using the floating design so this example is valid for virtually all dirt bikes. Harshness and poor...
  12. Thor928

    Brake Fluid Explained

    Brakefluid... Bit of a mystery topic To help dispel some myths and forsome good solid general info on the mysterious world of brake fluids There is a degree of confusionregarding the specification of brake fluid and this article sets out to clarify the situation. The Department of...
  13. Thor928

    Ride 4 Reece Fundraiser

    Reece Smit a 10 year old boy from Jeffreys Bay, SouthAfrica suffers from Fanconi Anemia and needs to go for a bone marrow transplantthis coming March 2016 in the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. We are organising a Ride 4 Reece Fundraiser to raisefunds for the bone marrow transplant and...
  14. Thor928

    I`m Sorry Dad

    I'M SORRY DAD Author unknown, but greatly appreciated It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in all myeight years. It had a pretty red petroltank, silver rims, a plush black seat, a swept-down exhaust pipe and chromehandlebars with soft rubber hand grips. As it sat under the Christmas...
  15. Thor928

    Well..Hello there!

    Is Bull still such a Knobwipe? Is Big Chop still the local know it all? Is Crash Test Dumbarse still into dogs? Does Blankie shave? Has e-skirts most loyal member joined 101 yet? (And if yesis he a Mod) It that old fart Stu still into brand hopping? Is TuBliss/Mitas combo still hot? Is Mark250...
  16. Thor928

    ICE - Inner City Enduro

    Inner City Enduro or ICE is what is capturing the imagination of the Extreme Enduro Riders and Fans alike all over the world. Using the natural and man-made obstacles of the Inner city and letting loose a bunch of professional extreme enduro riders is what ICE is all about. The 1st round of ICE...
  17. Thor928

    @ Mark

    10 pages 1873 Views 195 Replies No other post in the history of M101 has been this active and attracted as much interest - Ok there are posts with more hits and more pages but they have been active for a lot longer - Just think about that ;) All this in only 2.5 days - now that’s activity...
  18. Thor928

    Happy Birthday KTMJedi...Huskyoda...MitasMan

    Happy been born day Huskyoda, hope you have a kick arse day buddy. I tried to find a cool Husqvana Birthday Cake for you but this is the best I could find - Probably has more power than your bike anyway. :lol:
  19. Thor928

    Happy Birthday Sideways

    Happy Birthday Sideways, have a good one :clap:
  20. Thor928

    Happy Birthday Renrew and DAK 66

    Happy Birthday lads, hope you guys have a good one. :clap: