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  1. Flat-Beat-Eric

    Roodeberg enduro 31 October 2020

    Roodeberg enduro 31 October 2020 Who is going?
  2. Flat-Beat-Eric

    350 EXC / 350 FE NEAT 80K what is available?

    350 EXC / 350 FE NEAT 80K what is available? Something along the lines of what Tiaan is selling but the buyer is adamant on 4 stroke
  3. Flat-Beat-Eric

    What cheap bikes are available to buy?

    Got someone interested but doesnt have much to spend. Weekend warrior bike, 250 4T (or whatever) obviously not the latest year model etc - never raced - lady owner - collectors dream What is out there in the 30k range, show us what you have.
  4. Flat-Beat-Eric

    300 as a camera rig

    Recently we were tasked with an interesting tracking job in Franschoek- track a Mountain bike - leading and following. We got what we needed but when we do it again, we will make the rig considerably lighter. From this... ....... to this....
  5. Flat-Beat-Eric

    W Cape Enduro Worcester 12.10.19

    My First tweelie race, The Friday race prep with Tman21 is not the most conventional race prep, but it works. thanks Well organised event and well marked, dust was a little issue at the start for those who didnt get the holeshot, so what. The riverbed was an eye opener TBH, initially I...
  6. Flat-Beat-Eric

    Best Trailer

    Best Trailer for sale Can carry two bikes or 20 x 12 inch Oset's Never Raced Galvanized Buy now to avoid disappointment ****DISCLAIMER THIS IS A JOKE**** not my trailer
  7. Flat-Beat-Eric

    5 hacks to riding better - - - Updated - - - error occurred ? Why?
  8. Flat-Beat-Eric

    Drying machine

    Finally I have built the boot / helmet dryer. Works like a charm.
  9. Flat-Beat-Eric

    Finally bought my Bike

    Finally bought my new bike, a KTM 300 TPI '19. Plenty discussions with ozosborne and tman, thanks for your advice and patience. Oh and thanks for bringing the bike down from JHB Oz Plenty of reading on Moto101, hours of Youtube just to decide which bike ? 350 4T 300 2T 250 2T I come from 4...
  10. Flat-Beat-Eric

    Has Oz fallen off the face of the Earth?

    Has Oz fallen off the face of the Earth? No Replies to every thread, what is the world coming to?
  11. Flat-Beat-Eric

    250 or 300 TPI wanted

    250 or 300 TPI wanted for weekend warrior (not MX). Have seen a few bikes available , just want to see what else may be available now /soonish. If not TPI what else?
  12. Flat-Beat-Eric

    Leatt Neck Brace (NEW)

    Leatt neck brace -NEW Spare protective pads all spacers etc are in the box Location Cape Town - can post R2500,-
  13. Flat-Beat-Eric


    Looking for an Oset 12 or 16. Im in CPT but coming to JHB next month, looking for bikes we have a whole troop of kids in the neighborhood that want bikes.
  14. Flat-Beat-Eric

    YFZ 450 Rebuild

    Decided to do a complete rebuild of my Quad, Bought it brand new, maintained it and has never given any problems (except for a broken clutch cable). So why rebuild? The hour meter packed up a few years ago and I clearly lost track of how many hours were on the motor, so a full motor rebuild was...
  15. Flat-Beat-Eric

    Rebuild or not

    Dear Agony Aunt, I have an issue in my mind thats not an issue yet..... if you know what I mean Rebuild or not? I have had my bike since new and maintained her very well, only ran Motul 5100 and did oil changes every 10 hours (until the hour meter packed up, then I basically did oil every 2nd...
  16. Flat-Beat-Eric

    Hi my name is Ash

    Im Ash, I ride anything with wheels. My trusty steed is a YFZ450 Registered a while ago under the name Ash (surprise surprise) but couldnt log in today (sorry moderators)