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  1. RyanI

    Skimming motorcycle brake disks

    Does anyone know if it is possible to lightely skim a brake disk? 2016 KTM 300. I was shocked at the amount of grooves on mine (rear wheel). I need new pads and I just know that the new pads will wear much quicker with the disks like this. And a new disk is about R1300, which aint cheap. Thanks
  2. RyanI

    Maraisburg Current Condition? (for Sunday ride)

    Guys, Seeing that there is a 100% chance of rain tomorrow (saturday) and I thinking of riding Maraisburg on Sunday morning with a buddy who has never ridden there. I wont ride there if it hasnt rained (dust). Any idea of current issues / problems? I last rode there about a year ago and...
  3. RyanI

    300XCW Exhaust header

    Howzit guys. I need a new exhaust header for my 2016 KTM 300. Dealers have no stock and they too expensive for me. There was a company or guy a while back advertising after market headers for about R3000. Anyone have any idea who that is and how to get hold of them? Sent from my SM-G950F using...
  4. RyanI

    Exhaust & Frame Protection Pole: Full Hyde Guard or Carbon Fibre Exhaust Wrap

    Guys, I've been riding with a full Hyde bashplate and exhaust guard for over 2 years now and I hate these things. My exhaust still got dented, bent towards the starter twice and its a ball ache to remove all the time to wash and maintain bike. Also mud gets trapped in the gaps. So question is...
  5. RyanI

    Forma Enduro Boot Part Wanted

    At the weekend Man and Machine Enduro, a part of my Forma boots fell off. And it doesn't seem like it is available. Does anyone out there perhaps have an old buggered pair that I could rob for this part? It is the plastic insert for the top strap. See pic below: Thanks Ryan
  6. RyanI

    KTM200 Fork or Fork Parts

    Howzit Guys, A riding buddy is looking for the bottom left fork foot for a 2016 KTM 200 (not sure if it is the same as the 250, 300 and 4t's??) At the cost of a new one plus reassembly of the forks, it might make sense to buy a second hand set of forks. So if there is anyone that has this...
  7. RyanI

    So no Gauteng National Enduro this year???

    How can it be that Gauteng will not have a national enduro this year? I understand what happened with Kyalami but surely there should be a replacement? From latest MSA circular.
  8. RyanI

    KTM 300 Starter Tech Question

    Hoping for some help here as I'm baffled. I have a 2016 KTM 300 with about 85hours. The bike has never started easily when cold so I always kick start then after it has warmed up the elec starts worked a dream, until recently. During my last ride, I noticed that on about 1 in 20 starts, the...
  9. RyanI

    300 Rear Wheel Spacers Worn?

    Hoping for some help here. On my ride last weekend I noticed my rear wheel had some play. Bike has 80 hours and I replaced the wheel bearings at 54 hours. So I couldn't believe it was wheel bearings. After removing the wheel but not the spacers I could feel the spacers had play. This is what...
  10. RyanI

    Wanted: 2016 KTM 300XCW sidestand

    Hi guys, I lost my side stand at the GXCC on Saturday and was wondering if anyone had one lying around or spare. KTM has no stock in the country and they are quite expensive. Please let me know if you have something or know of someone that does. Thanks Ryan
  11. RyanI

    Ideas for 2day ride in Gauteng

    Maybe it’s just the spirit of watching the Dakar but I’m itching to do a 2day ride somewhere in Gauteng. I’m thinking of a trip where we leave Saturday morning, pack nothing more than some 2stroke, some snacks and clean jocks. Then ride all day Saturday with a sleepover somewhere simple and ride...
  12. RyanI

    KTM or Husky 250 2T Wanted

    Howzit guys, My cousin is looking for the newest possible 2t 250 enduro bike (preferably KTM or Husky) for max R40k. Please message me if anything out there. Thanks
  13. RyanI

    Boots not closing at the top. Sick and tired of this problem.

    For years now I’ve had problems doing up the top buckle of my boots. It’s got to the point where I have removed the strap on the top and now duct tape or cable tie the top. I think the reason is that I am vertically challenged (1.7m) hence shorter legs and shorter distance between knee and foot...
  14. RyanI

    How often to replace brake fluid?

    My 2016 KTM300 now has about 65hours and front brake is starting to feel a little spongy. How often do you guys replace brake fluid and do you use any special tools? I recently replaced the fluid on my XT660 without any tools and on my own and it was a bitch! Took ages to bleed.
  15. RyanI

    Mountain Madalas Lesotho 2017

    Anyone going to Lesotho for the Mountain Madalas this weekend? I did last year Lesotho last year and Clarens this year and seriously looking forward to it.
  16. RyanI

    Nelspruit/Lowveld Enduro 7 Oct - Accomodation

    Howzit Gents, I have decided to enter my first Lowveld Enduro (7 October) and will probably be going down with 4-5 riders and a few wives/girlfriends/mistresses and some brats. Any ideas or recommendations for a reasonable (large) places to stay for the weekend? I've had a look at AirBNB and...
  17. RyanI

    Hyde Bashplate Bracket ('16 KTM 300)

    Hi all, Don't ask but somehow I managed to lose the bracket that holds the Hyde bash plate and exhaust protector onto the frame of the bike. Hyde will send one to me for R90 but for some reason that has not happened yet. Is there anyone out there (preferably in JHB West or North) that has a...
  18. RyanI

    Back in the game after 10 years

    Hi All, Just joined this forum after getting back into off road after 10 years away. Looking forward to joining someo you guys on some rides. Ryan