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  1. Cheezy

    2012 BMW GS800 "Black Edition" For Sale R85k

    Selling my Adventure bike guys. Very neat condition with 15800 kilo's on it. Full house..heated grips, ABS, aircon etc. Many accessories and with a bike cover. I now stay in Pringle Bay Western Cape. Want to try my hand on a Harley Davidson Iron or a 48. I would like R85k for the bike or if you...
  2. Cheezy

    Bee Hives Burnt

    FUND RAISING HAS CLOSED. WE MANAGED TO BRING IN JUST OVER R30k. We had quite an emotional hand over of funds yesterday. Thanks guys:thumbs up::You_Rock_Emoticon: Howzit guys just putting this out there... I'm sure many of you have heard of the hectic fires that have caused chaos in the Cape...
  3. Cheezy

    Roof still on??

    Can anybody shed some light on the entries for the Roof? Race Control shows very few. With the current amount of riders it would surely not be viable to run it. Any news? Peter Luck..LORA?
  4. Cheezy

    Man and Machine 10-11 Aug 2018 Boston

    For your info guys. Man Machine 2018 will be on 10-11 August. Friday and Saturday. The Thursday is a public holiday. This will allow you to travel on the Thursday and Sunday. Venue will again be Boston KZN. Many of you guys have unfinished business there :blackeye:
  5. Cheezy

    Considering Playing Tennis

  6. Cheezy

    4t Dirt Bike for R50k

    Ok i got about 50k to waste on a 4t. Obviously any comments as to which may be the best, are most welcome. Anybody got something to offer out there?
  7. Cheezy

    Roof Routes Help!!

    Howzit guys just got a new laptop and all my history on Base Camp is gone. Can anyone help me with the following tracks please: 2015 Bronze Qualifier 2009 Saturday Roof 2008 Friday Roof Would be greatly appreciated. Going to Lesotho this weekend.
  8. Cheezy

    2015 Beta 300 X Trainer

    Howzit guys/girls selling my X Trainer. Well maintained, 180 hrs with new top end at 150hrs. Will post pics as soon as i've washed it since doing one day at the Roof. This bike was prepped to the eyeballs including wheel bearings, front suspension rebuild by Wacker. R60k with standard front...
  9. Cheezy

    MAN AND MACHINE 28-29 July 2017

    Man and Machine dates will be 28-29 July (Friday and Saturday). We will be going back to Boston in the KZN of the rolling grassy hills and stream crossings:thumbs up:.
  10. Cheezy

    International Heavies at Roof

    I see Letti and Enockl are in so far. In my opinion Letti could have won this a few years back. Can't believe he dragged that BMW 450 over those Maluti's.
  11. Cheezy

    Fantastic Roma Accomodation

    If you looking for a very reasonable and comfortable place to stay in Roma Lesotho. "Tseli" Maruping (pronounced "CD") has a B&B just off the main road near the University. I stay here every year for the Roof, but rest of the year for social riding is available. Home | Lapeng Thoteng Bed and...
  12. Cheezy

    Man and Machine TV Broadcast

    Here is a link to the broadcast times and a video teaser.
  13. Cheezy

    2015 KTM 125 EXC 40k

    SOLD!!! Posting on behalf of a friend. This bike is flippin clean. 2015 KTM125 EXC R40k (I remember selling my 07' 125 for 42k ??) Contact Dino 082 565 6866
  14. Cheezy

    Roof 2009 tracks

    Can anybody help me out with the 2009 Roof gps tracks? Keen to ride some history. If i remember correctly we road up 'Baboons'..refueled at the top and cut sharp right heading towards top of 'Big Dick'..down the bitch and back to Ramabanta.
  15. Cheezy

    MX Pants Online

    So with all this training i'm dropping a boep size. Looking to buy some new riding pants. Anybody dealt with MX Alliance? Seems their prices aren't to bad. Suggestions?
  16. Cheezy

    Fortrex to swop for Heart rate monitor

    Howzit chaps. I've got a Garmin Heart rate watch with chest strap. Would like to swop for a Foretrex gps (not the 201). New value 2 years ago was R1800. I'll post a pic soon. PM me or email:
  17. Cheezy

    Firearm License Renewal

    How many of you know have to renew your license every 5 years. Was applying for a shotgun only to discover that my handgun has expired 2 years ago :icon_e_confused:. I carry mine daily. So essentially been carrying around an unlicensed shooter. Check your license now!!
  18. Cheezy

    Reliable Car Wanted 25-40k

    Howzit guys looking for a reliable car for about 25-40k (or cheaper). My daughter coming to visit from overseas and would like to get her some wheels to get around. Would greatly appreciate it. PM me if you got any leads, thanks.
  19. Cheezy

    BMW X3 2.5 petrol R90 000

  20. Cheezy

    The african way

    Some interesting reading for those of you that have the focus. Copied from MSN news. Accountability is foreign idea, not our way IN THE midst of the political confusion that has gripped our country many people are wondering if we have come to the end of South Africa. The answer is simple...