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  1. smuts.g

    Husky 501 Rally lite 2015

    Bike is loaded with exstras. Latest is a new set of tyres with rally mooses. Origenal tank and plastics included. On the road. License up to date papers in order Motor rebuilt by eddytorace. 20 hours since build R85000.00 Call Gerhard 0827793498 Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  2. smuts.g

    2014 ktm 250 r45000.00

    Bike is good, needs new plastics. All Protection, no fan. Call Gerhard 0827793498 Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  3. smuts.g

    2010 ktm 85 (105) crispy af

    Bike is clean and runs like honey. R22500.00 Call Gerhard 08two. 779349 8 Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  4. smuts.g

    FOR SALE...YZ85 2006 mint and clean.

    Full service done with new tires and a new moose in the rear tyre. New chain and sprockets. New air filter with a spare. Bargain at R15000.00 Call Gerhard on 082779 3498 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. smuts.g

    Heavy springs for sale. 110kg 4cs front

    Call me 08. Two. 7793498 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. smuts.g

    Bike Stolen over the weekend Rooihuiskraal 1999 CR 250

    Hi guys. Mate of mine fell victim to theft. Please be on the lookout for this bike Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  7. smuts.g

    KTM 85 Motor rebuild. Worth doing a 105 big bore?

    Guys. My laatie is lucky to have a mad ass ballie like me. Got a good deal on a 2013 ktm 85 with blown top end. Thinking of doing a big bore kit with weighted flywheel. Anyone been down this rd. My laatie is 11 so a 125 is still a while off. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  8. smuts.g

    Riding kit for a 10 year old... give or take.

    Hi, My laatie is growing faster than what I can keep up. I have pants and shit with chestie... and a new lid.
  9. smuts.g

    07 ktm 125 six days

    Can anyone give me an idea of retail price?
  10. smuts.g

    GT MTB Brand new... Bargain of the year.

    Hi Guys, One of my mates asked me to sell his mtb. Its a GT 9r carbon. thing still smells like the freeken shop. Upgraded to tubeles and bar ends fitted. If this bike did 50ks it would be alot. I recon you can steal it for R22000.00 Now if you say that quick it does not sound like much...
  11. smuts.g

    Girls FLY kit for sale... She needs new ones

    These freekin brats that wont stop growing. Fly pants size 0-2 and xs shirt. R500?
  12. smuts.g

    JT kit for sale

    Hi Guys.... I have a small problem. I have lost weight and my fairly new kit is way to big for me now. Rather than have it go to waste i'll put it up for grabs. I have used it around 3 or four times. Its shirt and pants for 2 grand. the pants were more than that.
  13. smuts.g

    2014 plasicks origenal clean

    Hi Guys. looking for a set. Must be origenal
  14. smuts.g

    Amagezza.... Anybody been watching?
  15. smuts.g

    Oset for a 10 year old... Good secondhand one wanted

    All in the titel
  16. smuts.g

    06 KTM 300.... R22k

    HI, My mate is selling his 300 to upgrade to a newer model. Some work done, recent top end. Tyres still good. ... 0006587409
  17. smuts.g

    06 KTM sx65

    Im looking to move my boys bike along to move him up to a 85... Not sure what would be a good rate.
  18. smuts.g

    PY 50 parts

    Hi Guys... Im looking for some PY50 parts. got one and need to fix it. The kill switch has taken a beeting, so has the front wheel and the forks. Anyo ne have parts laying around please goooooi....
  19. smuts.g

    Umzumbi Extreme

    Hi, Any JHB guys doing this over the weekend?
  20. smuts.g

    Sproket ratio for the 110kg + kids on a 300 ktm

    I am ready to change and I'm thinking of a 13 x 52 for the technical stuff. I am over 110 kg. Green spring all the way out. Some feedback will be sweet. G...