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  1. Husky33

    Sherco to meet Euro 4 with a carb Interesting to see that Sherco has already developed TPI however they have decided to stick with carb due to the simplicity. They will still meet the Euro 4 emission law with a few...
  2. Husky33

    Footpeg bracket Husqvarna

    What's happening people... There is a bracket with 2 tabs which hold your footpeg in place with a pin. If you mainly ride tech it will start to wear down. I reckon I have 1mm left on the bottom tab before it wears to the pin. My question - is it easy to weld a new bracket/tab onto the chromoly...
  3. Husky33

    2 stroke exhaust pipe dents After reading this article it would seem that many of us get our pipes blown out way too soon. The article goes on to say that you could even gain a few...
  4. Husky33

    KTM/Husqvarna TPI issues/comcerns

    What's up people... This topic has probably made the rounds many times but I can't trace the threads so starting another chat... There are many opinions ( good and bad ) about the TPIs and most of the people you hear the bad stories from are guys who either don't have a TPI, or they are...
  5. Husky33

    Big ens bearings/conrod etc.

    Howsit gents, I have a 2014 Husqvarna 300te and it has 280 hours. I bought it new. I would just like to find out when would you recommend is a good time to do the big end bearings? I am going to do a new top end soon so I will check for play on the conrod. If there is no play am I good to go...
  6. Husky33

    Parking bike for up to 9 months

    Hi guys, Please assist with some advice. I recently broke my foot in 4 places will be off the bike for approximately 6-9 months. I have a 2014 Husky 300 and it will be parked until I ride again. What is the best way to store the bike with minimal damage? I have mousses so its on a stand...
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    Hi guys, how to you amend your name? I registered with my name but want to use an alias. Edit page doesnt give that option. Tx
  8. Husky33

    Arrows Rest

    Hi guys, has any1 riden at Arrows Rest lately? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk