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    Compressing your forks while transporting

    When you transport a bike using Tie Downs it obviously compress's the fork for a period of time - can this really cause any damage? - Surely NOT- when riding your forks probably go up and down a few thousands times so why will compressing the fork while transporting the bike cause any damage.
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    Romaniacs 2020

    Any one here been keeping an eye on the entry - 103 total entries , That is bad very bad. At least all the Top Gold riders are there. I wonder how its possible to run an event of that magnitude with only 103 entries. This covid-19 has really messed things up. :cry:
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    2021 Gas Gas -

    Has anyone seen the 2021 Gas Gas range, they are definitely good looking bikes, Yes they are 100% KTM but they still look good and best is they will sell for less. 7k cheaper (not sure why) on a 300 TPI.
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    1st Off Road National 2020

    So the 1st National Off road has come and gone. I am puzzled by the results. The Organizer, found the route, marked the route and then RACED in his own event and then miraculously ended up WINNING the race. :icon_rolleyes: What are your thoughts on this? Then MSA and there commission wonder...
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    Why so many Motorcycle Rider Trainers all of a sudden?

    Whats the deal, why are there so many so called "motorcycle rider trainers" lately. It seems thats the latest thing. Just because you can ride a bike does not make you a qualified trainer :icon_twisted:. There are a few guys who have solid credentials and have won championships, been at the...
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    Building the Ultimate Extreme Enduro Bike

    As a side project If one wanted to build the ultimate Extreme Enduro bike for a 14 year old youngster who is a bit vertically challenged what do you guys think would work. I was thinking along the lines of a KTM 85 Big Wheel chassis with a CRF/ TTR 230 Motor. Remember it does not need to go over...
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    To all of you that throw $$$ at your bike, You know who you are- Watch and learn

    To all of you on the forum that are obsessed with wasting your money- watch and learn
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    Results for MX at Smoking Pistons 10 march 2019

    How can one find the results from the past MX at Smoking Pistons, If i go onto Pro Timing it wants me to pay a subscription? Surely this cant be correct or is it ?
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    Now Gold and Silver have to qualify for Roof - WTF

    (This is a Roof of Africa Silver and Gold Qualifier event - for more details email Taken from the Northfield Extreme page- I hope this is just Mills looking for entries because if not it would be a very stupid move by the organizers, just another nail in the coffin. Idiotic...
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    Leady to Lace - KTM 790 to be built in China

    Read it and make your own decisions.
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    Swazi National - ???

    So looking at the entry on Race Control for the Swazi national in 7 days time we notice a grand total of 4 Riders entered (Yes it will grow this week but by how many). What is happening, Swazi used to attract a huge field, Perhaps it because zero advertising has been done and no one knows about...
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    Cleaning Bikes Between Moto's- Really ???

    At all the MX meetings I have gone to the bikes get washed and prepped between heats, I would like to know if this is really a necessity. Okes race an off road race for 6 hrs in the thick dust and the bike is fine so why wash and prep bikes after only 15 mins of racing - Am I missing something ??
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    andy styling - Just for Bull- WTF

    Mark 250 you are doing something wrong, people on little boy andy's site chipped in $$ to send him to the temple of orange. WTF, when are your members on 101 going to give you something, Ha Ha :icon_lol: :icon_lol: and now he calls himself MR KTM, really WTAF For those of you that don’t...
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    TPI- Interesting

    So this it what is shows in the manual - Change the oil pump at 80HRS - Really WTF !! - Surely this must be an error, Rad say the pump costs over 3K
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    Ford Transit Kombi Van

    Any one on here own a Ford Transit kombi / Crew cab van (One with the row of seats behind the drivers seats)- My question is can you EASILY fit 2 full size bikes in the back while keeping at least 1 or 2 of the back seats in the van? Not into battling and puzzling to fit bikes, gazebo's etc...
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    Colton Haaker Crash at Lagares

    Did any one see the crash CH had at the Lagares, Poor oke almost drowned, its on youtube but i have no idea how to post it. He went down a steep drop off and over the bars then headbutted a rock and was KO, problem he is pinned under the bike with his head under 1/2 a meter of water. If the...
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    Shimwells Yamaha 2018 YZ250X - R79 900.00

    I just saw an add from Shimwells that the 2018 250X is selling for R79 900. 00- Really good price
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    So Apt for any Forum - Ha Ha

    Not saying that everyone on here is an ahole. Take it as you want :icon_lol::icon_twisted:
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    ** breaking news ** gold rider wins bronze qualifier

    The heading says it all- Piss poor form if you ask me, and the soccer style celebration was even worse :icon_redface::icon_redface: - On a much brighter side the entire event was fantastic from start to finish - Well done Extreme Off Road and LORA, I just hope you carry it forward to the big...
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    Roof Bronze Qualifier

    Any one else doing the race? - I just received good news via a bulletin sent to us all - there will be no riders briefing, it will be done via a you tube clip sent to all riders a few days before. Now we don't have to drive all the way into town- and prize giving will be done at the finish ...