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    Where to buy Mousses?

    Hi Guys. Where would be a good place to buy mousses for a Crf230. asking for a friend who runs a game farm as they are getting punctures all the time. Thanks Phil
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    Plastics for 03/04 honda CRF450

    Hi. Anyone know a place in JHB / KZN that has white tank shrouds for a 03/04 tank shrouds for a CRF450? or a place that can order them? Can even be second hand as long as they in good condition. White is preferred but will consider black. Thanks in advance. Phil
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    2019 SuperEnduro World Championship

    Some interesting team tactics action and dramas at the 2019 SuperEnduro World Championship Final night for those that haven't seen it, watch until the end... :icon_lol:
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    Scott steering stablizer

    Hi guys, where in jhb can I get a service kit for a Scott steering stablizer, mine is leaking. Thanks Sent from my SM-J730GM using Tapatalk
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    Where to buy at GPS and Bracket in Gauteng?

    Hi Guys. Any deals or recommended places to buy GPS's like etrex 20 or 30 in Gauteng at the moment? also which GPS is recommended? Thanks in Advance. Phil
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    2013 KTM 300 dies when warmed up.

    Hi guys. So I have a 2013 KTM 300 xcw. It seems to just dies after 5 mins after starting.. just bogs down like its running out of fuel. some history, I have had the bike since 2013 with very little trouble, Engine had a full rebuild about 20hrs, ago it probably didn't need it but I felt it...
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    Suspension Springs wanted for 2013 ktm 300 xcw

    Hi Guys, i'm looking for suspension springs for 100kg rider for a 2013 ktm 300 xcw or a place to get them in or around JHB. and some advice as to what spring weights will be best suited for enduro. Tthanks in Advance. Phil
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    Newbie from Swaziland

    Hi all. New member from Swaziland.