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  1. Rooster

    Fork re chrome

    So I managed to run out of talent (as usual) and whacked my stanchion through the protector. Astrid will load a pic in a minute. It's actually made a little dent - do you guys think this is salvageable via re chrome, or is it fubar? Obviously the seal is now leaking... Also, as far as I can...
  2. Rooster

    So who else demolishes toe caps?

    So I know your supposed to stay on the pegs, but I'm not there yet and ride mostly rock, so tend to dab my boots out and whack things hard. What have you guys come up with to make toe caps stay on? My current muti is to glue the cap on with pratley wonda fix, screw it in, and then to apply a...
  3. Rooster

    Think I popped a head gasket...

    350 ktm with plenty hours, 260 Ok, so fan fuse went at Arrows and I nursed it home... Now on idle after about 2 minutes it spits coolant from the overflow - if I run it with the cap off it bubbles like mad... No oil in water or milk in oil. I've been given an estimate of 4 - 5 k to fix it...
  4. Rooster

    Rad cap, surely? Ktm 350

    Bikes doing something a bit strange -waters coming out at pretty much normal operating temperature from the radiator overflow pipe. I put rad fluid about 1 cm over the fins, start it up, and a few seconds before the fan comes on it pisses out at least 200ml of water - must be the rad cap?? Was...
  5. Rooster

    Shims ktm 350

    Before you say rtfm, I'm asking you what you do I have the manual!! How often do you check clearances on your 350 ktm?
  6. Rooster

    Knocking feeling in suspension

    Hi All, on my 13 ktm 350 I'm experiencing a "knocking" feeling through the bars on the bumpier stuff. Headstock and swingarm feels solid, I can't replicate the issue when not riding.... Am I being paranoid? Any ideas?
  7. Rooster

    After market oil filters

    Fail or Win? Are brands like tusk ok, or stick to oem?
  8. Rooster

    Tm 300 2013 engine

    TM motor for Sale! Approx 80 hrs, never been opened. safely nestled in a Brm 300 rolling chassis which will be promptly burnt. Includes Carb, CDI, Hgs pipe and oem muffler, harness and hydraulics for clutch. Muffler and clutch cover scratched. Oil changed every 10hrs plus a new piston in the...
  9. Rooster

    Finally got my own cone

    Sprung for a 13 350 cone today. She's an old girl with plenty hours, but I'm still chuffed!
  10. Rooster

    Beta X trainer parts and re-sale

    Hi All, I like the look of the new beta X, but wonder if there will be proper spares backup and a re sale market for it... Watcha think?
  11. Rooster

    Rooster lives

    Hello all you knobs! South Africa might be kakking against the dollar, and our sports seem to be up to pot but at lease shit talking is alive and well on the 101 :) After a looooong break I went out to De Wildt today and despite having "Freeride crack" It was a jol. See you at TK Rooster
  12. Rooster

    The long and the short of it

    I've started riding the Freeride more lately - its an awesome machine. Its most attractive feature? I can almost always get a foot down no matter how gnarly the terrain gets! I know that purists say that it shouldn't matter how tall your bike is if you are a good enough rider - but how many of...
  13. Rooster

    Whose Doing Mountain Madalas at Clarence?

    Ok, so I'm going with a few mates, this should be a blast! Who else is going?
  14. Rooster

    TM RACING 300 2T - Highveld Jetting

    Hi All, Not a lot of these motors around, and I know bulletproof is at the coast - but does anyone have any highveld jetting advice? I'm running #170 #40 NOZE 3rd clip. Motor runs like a steam train dont get me wrong.. wondering if a #38 (if you can find a #38) or 1 clip higher wont get even...
  15. Rooster

    Nuts that vibrate loose - The final Solution

    Ok, I am at my wits end with my footpeg bolts on my BRM that rattle loose. If you spotted an idiot making his way down the koppie at wild west this weekend balancing on one footpeg, that was me :oops: I have tried torque, nylon lock nuts, double lock nuts and blue loctite. I am on the verge...
  16. Rooster

    WR 250 or 450 Wheels

    Hi All, A friend of mine is looking for WR 250 or 450 Wheels is you have any gathering dust. PM me with details Tx
  17. Rooster

    Small End Wear

    Hi All, Was doing the top end on my Husky WR300 after 80 hours.... and a unplanned swim :roll: Motor was still running strong but I thought lets do the rings and make sure all is good. Bore is perfect. I also thought the piston was good to go, until I found these "grooves" when I took out the...
  18. Rooster

    Racing for Newbies

    Hi All, I'm sure a lot of folk here find the idea of entering a race rather daunting, like I do. Please redirect me if there is a thread, but can I ask you guys to post some first race 101 comments / tips here? What do you need? Gazebo, Race mat etc Scrutineering - what do they look for...
  19. Rooster

    KTM 2 Stroke Water Removal Procedure

  20. Rooster

    The Legendary YZ 250 2T

    Question: For Extreme Enduro, YZ 250 2T with all the Mods.... Yes or No? I sat on one and took it for a spin and it felt soooo good. Small, Nimble, Powerful. Who has or had one, vs KTM 200 or 250? (Not trying to start a debate of MX modded bikes vs Enduro bikes)